Monday, June 21, 2004

Big Phishin' Up in NYC

A weekend of Phish, the Open and good ol' Dad in the books...Three straight days of Phish were aptly followed by a long day of reclining with the family on the couch, watching Lefty miss the comeback putt you just knew he'd miss. Heartbreaking to say the least, but golf ain't what I'm peddling today...

With Leg One of the popular rock band Phish's farewell tour now in the books, Donnie and Ace are just three shows away from waving goodbye forever. For me, only the Camden show and the Coventry festival remain, and then this band is Keyser Soze. Luckily though, I've managed to take in seven of the last nine shows the band has played, shows that sent me to Miami and Vegas and Brooklyn and Saratoga Springs. So at least I've got my fill, and I've certainly been fulfilled. But I'm not looking forward to that last goodbye in August -- it's like waving goodbye to your folks on Visiting Day at camp; only you never return home after the summer, and your parents even don't care (only your Uncle Cactus cares).

Two of the three shows this past weekend were great, though there were some minor flubs for good measure (see: Harry Hood). And Saturday in Saratoga was pretty good, but there were some major flubs in that one (see: NICU). Trey, aka Dorky Chuck Norris, has officially become the Allen Iverson of Jambands -- the man refuses to practice, he mistakenly shows up thinking his stuff is gonna rock the house each and every night and send the fans home happy. Well, Saturday in Saratoga was one of those Iversonian 22-points-on-6-for-26-shooting performances. They were good, but everyone in the place had to know they could and should play better. I don't know how many times they can play "Heroin Jam" in one night (for non-Phish fans, that's not a song or a jam, that's just when it looks like Trey is on so much heroin that he plays these ambient nothingness chords while the band waits for him to get his shit together).

Phish did play better in Coney Island...I wrote a recap of the first night already (see below), and the second show was fantastic as well. Some people complained of a lackluster end to the second set, but I was pretty impressed with the two-night stand. In a completely random twist of fate, Brooklyn's own retired-yet-unretired rapper Jay-Z came out to play with Phish as the back-up band. Jay-Z sang his relatively new tune 99 Problems (But a Bitch Ain't One) and his uber-mainstream hit Big Pimpin'. The crowd loved it, and even though I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop, it certainly did the trick for me. I even called my roommate, a big Jay-Z fan (of course, he's a white kid from the LI suburbs), who thought it was hysterical. To be honest, I'd never heard that 99 Problems song, but most of the crowd around me did. And for many in the crowd, the song could go "I got 99 Problems but soap, a job, a bank account and this sweet, sweet acid ain't one." I've now been lucky(?) enough to see Phish play with Kid Rock and Jay-Z -- what are the freakin' chances of that happening? Seriously. It's like going to a Knicks game and seeing Mark Messier knock down a huge three in the third quarter.

But a great three days of Phish, it was...I met up with some old friends, made some new ones, conversed with some heads, randomly bumped into a dude I huffed a bunch of nitrous balloons with in Miami on New Year's, ran into a rainstorm, got caught in traffic, ate some phatty veggie burritos, passed over Nathan's, stole a cookie from a rest stop outside Albany, stepped on some toes, got my toes stepped on, passed some know, typical Phish shows. But above all else, I saw a great band play some kickass tunes for the second to last time. Rock and fuckin' roll, folks, rock and fuckin' roll.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Seyeko said...

Lets not forget the major flub up on "Disease". Right now, there's a thousand barefoot children outside feeling neglected. Poor kids.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

The Boys more than made up for any flubs with a totally rockin', fairly impromptu performance on top of the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee this evening.

Scents and Subtle Sounds (twice actually), 2001, Wilson, Chalk Dust Torture, Tweezer > Tweezer Reprise


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Seyeko said...

Looks like I'm going to have to dust off some old VHS tapes tonight and hit record.

Thanks for the heads up dude. Guess "Scents" will make it to air.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Bart Starbux said...

But no 2-bathtubs-in-one. You call that a show?


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