Friday, June 18, 2004

Doctor Warned Me I Might Catch a Death

The popular rock band Phish invaded Keyspan Park in Coney Island last night, bringing with it some good tunes and India's latest monsoon season. Good times. What a great show, one of the better post-hiatus shows I've seen. But by the end of the night, my clothes were wetter than El Duque's while rafting over here. Needless to say, I'm about as sick as sick gets, and still I'm toiling away at work. What the F am I doin' here?

In the first show of their farewell tour, the Phish from Vermont came out a-rockin'. Trey either hit up Supercuts earlier in the day, or he had Stevie Wonder go to town on his head with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers. Armed with his super-short, Eric Clapton cut, Trey and the boys came out at 7:35 lookin' to rock all night long ala Lionel Richie. After opening with a new-yet-still-pretty-tight song, the boys jumped into Dinner and a Movie and Curtain With with some gusto (Donnie and I actually caught both those tunes in Vegas in 2000, an excellent two-night run that requires its own entry). Next came Sample, and I'd probably like this song if the band didn't insist on playing it every time I attended a show. How many fuckin' times can I sing the assinine lyric, "I was foggy, rather groggy, you helped me to my car"? Fifteen Samples later, I'm pretty tired of this one, guys. I'd almost rather see Jennifer Dances (that's a little Phish humor there, funny too).

I'm not going to spend this time reviewing the show, as I generally hate the people who write and post reviews (as Phish is THE most subjective band on the planet). But I would like to take this time to discuss umbrellas...They may be laughing at us this morning, but those douchebags who brought umbrellas into the show and blocked the sightlines of those behind them seriously need to be spayed or neutered. I mean, this one chick in front of us had on a big floppy (donkey dick) hat AND a raincoat hood, and this dumb bitch still put up an umbrella. As we remarked at the time, and subsequently screamed at her, that's like having an extra pair of gloves in Aspen. This whole time, you had an extra pair of gloves?

So now I got the sniffles, a bit of a chill, and that 2:00 AM McDonald's run ain't sittin' too pretty with me. But we gotta do it all over again tonight, and tonight we shall. First let me get through this day of work with my eyes open. Here's last night's setlist, for those who care:

Set I: Song I Heard The Ocean Sing, Dinner and a Movie, The Curtain With, Sample in a Jar, The Moma Dance > Free, Nothing, Maze, Frankenstein

Set II: 46 Days > Possum, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg> Jam, Axilla, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Birds of a Feather, Kung, Mike's Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: The Divided Sky

MY PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Curtain With; Moma > Free; Possum, Oh Kee Pah > Suzy > Suzy Jam; Wet Ass Blues > Put Down Your Umbrella, Whorebag > Prune Hands


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cowboy,

What a great way to open "The Phish" last tour. What a bang! Last night was fantastic! I felt the monsoon only added to the energy of the show and in fact made it better. As always I love your article's and it is about fucking time that I got my first Suzie in 59 shows, mother fuckers bring it on tonight. Number 60 should be special, especially if Fluffhead meets up with the Cowboy.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Seyeko said...

You havent lived until you scrounged up soaking wet, disgarded beer boxes and tossed them on your head to avoid the downpour.

Good times. Good times indeed :)

A trashbag will definitely be on my pre-show "to do" list tonight ya know, just in case.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger The Ambiguously Gay Uno said...

You know what you guys should put on your "pre-show list"? How about a shower, you hippie freaks. Get a job. (And a haircut).


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