Friday, June 04, 2004


I know they're from different Christian denominations but, with President Bush in for a visit, would it be too much for the Pope to pull this off?:

Pope: You know, God doesn't like you.
Bush: What?
Pope: He told me right after you became President that He thinks you're a real douchebag.
Bush: Really? What did I do?
Pope: Dude, I don't know. He's fucking God. But, really, you should consider leaving the White House.
Bush: But my "father" told me to stay in office, slash funding for social programs, and fight the heathens in Iraq to secure oil for God-fearing Americans.
Pope: Wait...your father George? or God?
Bush: Yes.
Pope: Huh?
Bush: What?
Pope: Step down, really. For God.
Bush: Why are you shaking so much? Are you cold?
Pope: Douchebag.


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