Thursday, June 24, 2004


Bailed on work today to watch England vs. Portugal in the Euro 2004 quarterfinals with Mr. Stickles in from San Fran at One and One (at the nexus, 1st and 1st). It went to kicks in the end and, surely, Portugal won when Sexman Beckham shanked his first penalty and some other dude had his kick saved. Thrilling times had by all, except for the 100+ Brits in the bar. They just gave away the Sudetenland. So now my 1/4 Portuguese heritage trumps my 1/4 English heritage. Bring on the sardines and bacalhao. Obrigado.

Off to dinner with the parents. The Fiedlers turn 51 today. That's right. Same birthday...different religions. What are the odds? Have a fantastic, pee-free-bathroom-floor kind of weekend.


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