Thursday, July 01, 2004

No Real Post, Just a Little Game

Ever since my boss got shitcanned, my life at work has been busier than a beaver on ritalin. And if you know me, I'm a slacker through and through, so I don't like this one bit. Not a bit. I'd like to post a crazy recap of our night at Yankee Stadium last night, which included the first ever "Rally Tit," but time does not permit. So here's an old game that Donnie and I use to play to pass the time in our boring political science classes back at the ol' Purple University. Oh, and yes, we're both really mature, solid citizens.

Example: Penis Car Lesbian = Old Timey Funny Guy

Got it? Good. Now, as El Mariachi says in Desperado, "Let's Play." No cheating, bitches.

Penis Ass-Smooch = Revoluntionary Linebacker
Penis Head-Rag = U.S. Senator
Penis Stencil-y = Sleuth Extraordinaire
Penis "The Limited"-Bloodpumper = VP Candidate?
Judge-n-Jury-Leg-Joint Penises = Annoying Sitcom Star

Bonus: Stonecutter Cox-Surfing the Web = Survey This!

Good luck, and God Speed. Hopefully I'll find some time later in the day to recap last nights game: The nasty chicks who kept giving everyone the finger, "Rally Tit" McGee (who wore a Jeter jersey with no shirt and no bra), Sheffield's monstrous at-bat and Heredia's monstrous relief appearance. Good times in the Boogie Down.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Seyeko said...

Penises-Scrotum-Important = Mmmm....tasty


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