Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sorry, Folks

Not that Donnie ever apologizes for his extended absences, but I'd like to pass along a quick "Sorry, Charlie" for my lack of posting today. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven't even eaten lunch yet, and I don't plan on taking one for an hour or so. I'm about to soak myself in lamp oil and burn myself in front of the crowd. Happy now? I bet you are, you silly little freaks.

So let's just pretend that I'm Nomahhh Garciaparra, which will allow me to sit out for a day for no legitimate reason whatsoever.


At 4:39 PM, Blogger Bart Starbux said...

This blog is getting depressing. It's all about how everything sucks now a days. Who are you, Bob Seger?

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Everything was so much better back then, whoooooa like a rock, don't you remember how great it was back in the '60s and '70s when nobody used condoms and the Silver Bullet Band helped me gangbang some drugged out groupie til it all culminated in the world's hardest donkey punch but now I got Herpes and a case of shingles, whoooa Like a Rock, I used to love to beat up the colored folk 'til they died bleeding in the streets but now they got them equal rights and civil liberties, whooooa like a rock, things were so much better back then.

Love, Bob Seeger

At 6:28 PM, Blogger hoobs said...

Iggy Pop, Jim Harbaugh, Ken Burns, and myself are all outraged by this negativity towards our fellow Pioneer High School alumnus.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Lavelle Blanchard isn't upset, Hoobs?


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