Friday, August 20, 2004

The Cowbell and The Bunny

Up in Coventry last weekend, the DJs at The Bunny (Phish's radio station) played this new song about 45 times...I'm pretty fuckin' tired of it to tell you the truth, and I'm pretty fuckin' tired of The Bunny, but I figured I'd share it with the people who haven't heard it.

It's a new track based on the "More Cowbell" SNL sketch, which has caught on like gangbusters. A year or so ago you could say "more cowbell" and get blank I wake up in the morning and hear it nine times a day. Niiine times. Anyway, here's the link to this new track.

Unrelated...yesterday I re-discovered a hilarious story that may take like 45 minutes to get through, but it's Friday and most of you are bored at work I bet. This guy, Patrick Combs, deposited a junk mail check for nearly $100K and fought the bank to keep it. Some of you may actually remember this taking place, but I have absolutely no recollection. The story itself is absolutely wild (although the ending is a bit weak). If you're bored today and looking to kill some time, I highly recommend you read this shiite.

By the way, I love how our 3,000-word Phish posts get no comments whatsoever, but a brief musing about Walking in Memphis gets 17 comments! Hilarious.

I just scored a 9.735 on the vault. I have weird boobs.