Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mike T.V.

Last night we held our annual fantasy football owners' meeting, which is pretty much an excuse to congregate and get high, play cards, talk shit and watch television. Good times, great oldies. The hospitality was excellent, a very cool apartment with an enormous TV, like probably the biggest television I've ever seen in person. It was something like a 65-inch widescreen (that's me on the right in this pic) with HDTV capability, and I'm sure that pupper's hooked up to speakers with surround sound and the like.

I hope you guys agree with me when I say, I'd absolutely quit my job if I had such a set-up. I'm serious, I'd be done, finito, packing time. There's just no way I'd be able to leave my apartment for something as mundane as work when I had the boss entertainment center staring me in the face. Not even up for debate. Twenty-four/seven I'm in my boxers on the couch switching back and forth between war documentaries and animal porn.

The other interesting part of this apartment was a $10-per-month concierge service offered by the building. You obviously have to pay for the services they provide, but for $10 a month they'll pick up and drop off your dry cleaning, they make arrangements to clean your apartment, hail you a cab or call a car, just cool stuff that's well worth the ten bucks. Hell, I'd pay that money just to have somebody to fuck around with. "Hey, concierge, I'm watching Navy SEALS on my huge ass TV, could you come up here and do the Roger Rabbit next to the couch for my friend who's bored? No? OK, how 'bout the running man? Sweet, see ya in ten. And bring some whip-its, a Duncan brand yo-yo and a one-armed stripper named Claude. Hugs and kisses, XOXO."

So anyway, I got the fourth pick in the draft, which ain't a bad spot to be this year. Pretty much guarantees me either Ahman Green or Clinton Portis (I would think), and either one's not a bad guy to build a team around. Part of me thinks that Ahman Green will break the total yards from scrimmage record this season...you heard it here first. No joke here, just a prediction.

Well, that's it for the other one, I gotta officially start my day. Man, I so wish I could be parked in front of that giant screen right now, scratching my ass with a fork, eating some mac and cheese with it. You know, the usual. It's time to re-evaluate my priorities, methinks.

A late addition: Checkity check this awesome link out, it's allright LaRusso.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the Zabka

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Zabka does rock...and his role of Greg Tolan in Just One of the Guys is just as amazing as his portrayal of Johnny Lawrence. Chaz from Back to School, a bit overrated though.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Seyeko said...

I bet you could sell that ass-scratching fork on ebay for big bucks.

I'm talkin, more $ than a lawn seat ticket for this Thursday's Camden show. Heck, I might even bid on it for nostalgia purposes.


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