Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Monday

A great sports weekend that requires a rather long post, but unfortunately it's not going to get one right now...Perhaps later, but I'd hate to over-promise.

Between the Yanks/Sawx series, yesterday's brilliant foosball day, the Ryder Cup debacle, great college games, especially in the SEC, some close fantasy foosball games headed into tonight, sweating out this week's knockout pool pick (I hate the Saints), and even some bowling with the out-of-towner friends at Chelsea Piers on Saturday, this was a classic sports weekend.

Thanks to my Sawx fan buddy, I pretty much sat in the Yankee dugout on Saturday -- best seats I've ever had in the Stad, three or four rows in front of Stephen King. Take that, horrorbitch, I got better seats than you, ya three-pairs-of-glasses-wearing whorebox. Highlight of the weekend: a yankee fan yelling out, "Your books suck...and your movies, too" when King stood up with his Sawx hat on. Great times, got to see the first game of a 25-5 drubbing on Saturday and Sunday, and almost saw Jonny Liebs throw a little no-no. Great times.

But for now, duty I'll leave you with this right now:

Man Tries to Sue Wife for 5-Day Sex Denial

MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish man tried to have his wife charged with domestic abuse because she refused to have sex with him on five consecutive days, Spanish newspaper El Sur reported on Friday.

The middle-aged man from Seville -- the city of Don Juan and Carmen -- said her refusals amounted to "degrading treatment" and domestic abuse, a term used more often to describe wife-battering.

The judge shelved the case, Andalusia-based El Sur reported.


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