Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Out: Sick

Usually when someone I know calls in sick, they're not in too terrible shape. Maybe the sniffles, maybe the gout, you know, something they could probably go in for but just don't feel up to it. Not me. I'm legitimately sick today (and yesterday), to the point where I wouldn't mind taking a Jennifer Jason Leigh high heel to the ocular cavity. Or is it Bridget Fonda's heel? I don't really remember -- they were both single, white females. It's too confusing.

I'd gladly take work over this sickness crap -- feels like someone's taking a Cleveland Steamer on my chest at all times. This little illness is making a real party animal out of me...I cancelled my plans for last night and tonight, and last night I even got into bed at about 8 PM. I feel like I'm in Del Boca Vista on these fuckin' hours. Jerry, take the pen. Sorry, just practicing.

Anyway, I have no motivation to live right now, let alone post you're on your own folks. In the meantime, teach yourself how to calculate a magic number.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feel better ACE!!!


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