Friday, September 24, 2004

Random Friday Stuff

You know when you're laid up and you mindlessly say, "I'd rather be back at work than be this sick." Well, now I'm not so sure. I forgot the middle option, which I'm struggling through right now: being 50 percent healthy and back at work. Sorry 'bout your car man, that sucks.

But I'm in much better spirits and ready to smile...but since I now have to catch up on all the crapola I missed whilst in bed, that leaves very little time for a Slack post. So, without further ado, here are five interesting stories to read to get you through the day:

1. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee, or Sara Lee executives for that matter. Check the freezer section at your local grocery, or at the local rental storage unit.

2. This is the quote of the year: "Just for being prostitutes, society marginalises us, and we want to exercise our rights as women and as mothers." You're gonna want to read this.

3. The thought of a four-year-old in lingerie is, well, okay, insert your own joke here.

4. This guy is a douche, plain and simple. And I can't believe he thought of this idea before I did.

5. Just a great headline...clearly makes the "Gee, ya think?" file. Right up there with "Britney Spears 'increidbly trashy'" or "Mary-Louise Parker gives Ace 'incredible boner'".

Anyway, on an unrelated topic, I'm 20-11-1 so far this football season, and because this is the first week I'm giving you guys a glimpse at my unbelievable handicapping skills, I'll most likely lose every game. Still, here goes (all picks with the spread):

Bengals over Ravens, Vikings over Bears, Browns over Giants, Cards over Falcons, Rams over Saints, Texans over Chiefs, Titans over Jags, Dolphins over Steelers, Lions over Eagles, Broncos over Chargers (my best bet of the week), 49ers over Seahawks, Colts over Packers, Raiders over Bucs, Skins over Boys. And of course, Yanks take two of three in Boston this weekend.

Don't you want to know the reasons for any of these picks? Well, I do too. This whole thing's a fuckin' crapshoot, but so far I'm doin' okay. So until my luck runs out, use these picks and enjoy.


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