Friday, September 17, 2004

Sit on Her, Malph

As a running service here at Slack LaLane, here's the best story of the day:

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Rick Fisk of Cedar Rapids doesn't take crime sitting down -- or does he?

Police say the 52-year-old man came home Tuesday morning to find a woman standing in his home holding items from his house.

They say the woman, 34-year-old Julie Dye, ran from the house but was chased down and tackled by Fisk in his front yard.

Fisk, who is 6-feet 2-inches tall and weighs about 280 pounds, sat on top of Dye until help arrived.

Fisk's phone was out of reach so he yelled for help. After 20 minutes of sitting and yelling, a neighbor called 911.

Dye is facing a charge of second-degree burglary. She is being held in the Linn County jail under $19,500 bond.


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