Monday, September 27, 2004

Weak Weekend

As good as last weekend's sporting events were, this weekend was pretty much the exact opposite. Well, the Jets didn't lose due to bye and I advanced in the world famous Knockout Pool, but everything else fell apart.

The Yanks got Red Sawxed in Fenway, flipping the script from last weekend almost exactly, winning the first game and getting torched in the weekend games; Northwestern got trounced by the 19th-ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers, who whilst up 19 points with nearly no time on the clock ran a halfback option on fourth down (paybacks are a bitch, 'Sota); because I disclosed them and said I was having a good season, I went 4-7-1 in my weekly picks against the spread; and my fantasy football squad got annihilated by the likes of Aaron Stecker, Tiki Barber and Javon Walker.

Not even a "Win one for Yom Kippur" speech could help any of this. A terrible sports weekend by all accounts. But you gotta keep your head up. Good things will come.

In any event, Slack moderators are a bit busy on this glorious Monday, so here are three sports-related columns I consider a must-read:

The first is about Pedro Martinez bringing a midget into the Sawx clubhouse this weekend...that's just insanity peppers. The article reads, "The place has been derided for its circus-like atmosphere for the past few seasons, but the tipping point came on Saturday evening. Pedro Martinez, one day after calling the Yankees 'my daddies,' came in an hour before first pitch carrying a Latin Mini-Me named Nelson de la Rosa."

The other two: Peter King's weekly MMQB column and Jayson Stark's end of the year records column. Great reading, so do yourself a favor and do it. Until later, enjoy.


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