Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Cheese

Short post...then I'm off to meet the Fockers.

I've been in a little bit of a live music funk since Coventry, seeing only small bands in small bars, hanging out in Grand Central to catch 20 minutes of the underground dudes playing for change, generally neglecting my previous enjoyment of good musicians with a decent following. So with New Year's Eve comin' around (y'all), that's my resolution for a new me in 2005: See. More. Live. Music.

I got a head start last night, taking in the second night of String Cheese Incident's stand at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden. Flanked by my friend Jeff and what seemed like six or seven guys named Dave, we arrived in our seats exactly as the house lights went down and the band pranced on stage (and they're was a little prancing). I hadn't seen these guys live since the 2002 show at Radio City, back in the days when Phish was on hiatus. And that show was pretty solid, but it really only got me feeling nostalgic for what I was missing at the time: four god-dorks taking a break from 17 brilliant years together, re-charging the batteries "for another 17 years" (Anastasio, 9/30/00). Well, last night's show had the same effect, only it was a bit magnified by the fact that this isn't just a hiatus for the boys. They is gone.

The SCI concert itself was pretty good, two sets of well-written tunes and entertaining jams, all played to a happy crowd who seemed to dig the show. We stood next to a crew of college guys who were fairly loud and obnoxious about their enjoyment for what was comin' their way...but I kept thinking that I really can't complain because that used to be us, just a few years ago with that other band I've mentioned once or twice. These college guys are currently living the experience that I would give just about anything to have back, especially this time of year. We should all be in Miami right now, waiting for Auld Lang Syne and a million balloons falling. Ahhh, nostalgia, human nature's cocktease. Anyway, though these guys were hooting and hollering over some of the best jams, muffling the aural goodness, I couldn't help but smile and reminisce about the similar experiences I have in the annals. And that's always nice.

Leave it to snobby d-bags like me to turn a post about SCI into a post about Phish. I know, typical asshat. I should get on the record that I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night, that it was a good time despite my musings here. And I'm glad I went, a good show of faith that I'll keep my resolution of seeing more shit come next year. So if you've got any suggestions for me, feel free to throw them ol' Ace's way...

Focker time.


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