Friday, December 10, 2004

Cigarettes are Killing Our Troops?

Here's an interesting little story:

The American Lung Association is denouncing radio host Mike North's cigarette collection drive for soldiers.

Listeners on Thursday donated 5,031 packs in response to North's Smokes for Soldiers drive. The cigarettes are going to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

"When that cargo door opens, they'll be ecstatic when they see those cigarettes for Christmas," North said.

But Joel Africk of the lung association's Chicago office said there are better ways to support troops "than by sending them a product that, when taken as directed, will kill them."

North's response: Butt out.

"The last thing on a soldier's mind is catching lung cancer," said North, a onetime soldier himself. "It's a little twisted that they would want to deny our guys cigarettes."

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