Monday, January 10, 2005

Searching for Slack

My two favorite Google/Yahoo! searches that brought people to Slack this weekend:

1. Can you boil Dayquil to get high?
2. "Michael McDonald" scientology
3. Pictures of the Miami Sojos nightclub

You get off your ass and you boil that fuckin' Dayquil.

Oh, and if you missed this million-word article on Northwestern frat boys in yesterday's New York Times (what the f?!?), here's an opportunity to learn a little about our fine species.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger The Ambiguously Gay Uno said...

Haven't posted a comment on here in awhile... Welcome Back. (Chicaca)

First things first... How many favorite Google / Yahoo searches, Ace?

The following stories on have intrigued me so far today:

1) Principal Cracks Down on Freak Dancing- Looks like Ace is in a whole lotta trouble. "What, you havent seen my '4th Quarter, 3rd down and 6 from the 43 yard line' dance"?

2) McDonald's to Beef Up Coffee- After getting past my initial fear that they were actually going to start putting BEEF into coffee, I was amazed to find out that "the number of adults drinking coffee has nearly doubled in the last four years." COFFEE. Is that possible? I thought that all adults always drank coffee- is it really possible to double that number? Man, I love starbucks.

3) Mississippi libraries ban 'Daily Show' Book- I gotta admit, one of the major reasons I selected this article was so I could type "Mississippi" more than once. When you type that, do you spell out "M" "I" "S" "S" "I" "S" "S" "I" "P" "P" "I" like I do? Awesome. No but seriously- can anyone really buy the fact that, in over 40 years as a librarian, THIS BOOK is "the only book" Robert Willits, director of the Jackson George Regional Library "objected to so strongly he wouldnt allow it to circulate"? I mean, c'mon- like the guy in the $3,000 suit is gonna ban a book...

And amazingly enough from the WORLD'S NEWS LEADER, these are the ONLY stories that I find intriguing on the whole damn site- and NONE of them have to do with real news at all...

Don't know where this sudden burst of energy just came from (I think I blacked out), but you can rest assured that I most likely won't be writing again in the near future.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

I don't even know where to start on that one, UNO. That's a dynamite drop-in right there, hysterical comment.


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