Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tuesday Morning Links

A Handful of Stuff to get you through the morning until the caffeine kicks in:

1. I think the dude in the following clip would have easily won a lifetime exemption from the It's Never Acceptable To Shit Your Pants Committee. But not only did he snub the INATSYPC's invitation, he got right back on that kayak with no questions asked!

In today's ridiculous edition of "Hey lady, look out, there's a big fat whale on your boat," I present to you: this guy.

2. If you never thought you'd live to see a kayaker shake off a Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka whale splash, then you'd probably never thought you'd live to see this: Matisyahu, the Hasidic reggae superstar.

Slack PSA: For more information about Matisyahu, please go here.

3. I'd guess the majority of people that hear the name Bruce Hornsby think of some dude on the adult contemporary charts. Others strictly remember him for The Way It Is. Still others go completely blank until you say, "C'mon, that guy who sang The Way It Is...you know, that song Tupac sampled."

"Ohhhhh, riiiight," most suburban white kids retort. "Roll up, bitch, roll up."

Point of fact: Hornsby kicks ass. In much the same way we all grew up with We Are the World/I Just Called to Say I Love You Stevie Wonder, there comes a day when you wake up and say, "Shit, Stevie's the funkiest man on Earf!" Well, Hornsby ain't that good, but he's a fucking virtuoso, an extraordinary pianist.

And the good people at nugs.net have a couple shows from his 10-night stand in Oakland in November 1998 available for download, so get 'em while they're hot (get 'em while they're butterrrred). Jamband staple Steve Kimock plays on most of both shows, and even nerd deluxe/Slack idol Phil Lesh drops in for a little reunion with the one-time Grateful Dead man o' keys. And if it's been nearly two decades since you've listened to The Way It Is, make it a point to listen to this version -- top notch, the bees' knees.

Ace's Hornsby Highlights of those Yoshi's shows: Women are Smarter, Tennessee Jed, Scarlet Begonias, Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, Loser.

4. Did anyone see the end of the Texas Tech/Kansas double-overtime, buzzer-beater thriller last night, or was everyone else too busy getting laid? Either way, fantastic game...got me pretty psyched up for the next two months of the remaining college hoops schedule.

And congrats to the NU Mildcats, pulling out a huge 59-51 victory last night against the Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islanders. That brings the Cats up to .500, folks -- I'm issuing a "look out undefeated Illinois next week on your home floor" call right now. It hath been so decreed.

5. The three best words in the English language: Pitchers and catchers! They'rrrrre baaaaack! Some Yankees are in Tampa!

6. Here's a weird spin on some tragedy: The four hurricanes that struck Florida last year helped reduce the state's number of shark attacks to their lowest level in more than a decade, a University of Florida researcher announced Monday.

7. One of the better stories I've read in a long time -- A jury pool is being formed for the first degree murder trial of Roger Lee Lawrence in Delaware County, Oklahoma. The names of the potential jurors were chosen from a list of county residents with drivers licenses. One of the people called for jury service is Scott Borton. However, it is certain that Scott Borton will not be chosen as a juror for a couple of reasons.

First, Scott Borton is dead. Second, Roger Lee Lawrence is being tried for murdering him. Awesome. Just awesome.

8. Will you hire me after the flood?


At 11:15 AM, Blogger TJ in OH said...

I have nothing of real value to add here, but I will say that you are dead-on with the Hornsby/Wonder club. Steve Winwood would be another great addition, and to a lesser degree so would ZZ Top (who genuinely rocked the house before the Eliminator sell-out). I had the good fortune of seeing Hornsby a couple of years ago, and although he seemed clearly in the grips of a pain killer addiction, he and his band were great.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger ethan said...

i (don't) like how vukusic shot 1-10 from 3, and 8-10 from inside the arc. that's definitely an odd line.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger TJ in OH said...

Hey, is that "Don't Do It" Hornsby played on 11/8 the same one The Band covered?! Also, wasn't 11/8/98 the UIC-Fake Jerry-death by mushrooms night? Myabe Hornsby was sending a message across the country to college-aged Ace, telling him to back off the fungus.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Oooh, Steve Winwood, very good call, Papa J.

Yes, that's the same Don't Do It, but it's very short, no more than 3 minutes, and it comes out of Western Skyline. Pretty good actually, but nowhere near The Band's masterpiece. Danko, yum yum.

And while that was the same run, my shroomin' experience with Fake Jerry at UIC was 11/9/98 -- same run, next night. But still, Hornsby was in my head. Get out of my head Hornsby!

Ethan, don't be knockin' Vukusic, the only guy on our team who can actually score...That is an amazingly odd line though, good pick up.

By the way, Gammons uses the word "Phish" while describing the Marlins in today's column. Weird. That makes up for his stuttering of late.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger TJ in OH said...

Ah yes, 11/9. But Hornsby was clearly speaking to you. In his omniscience, he knew what you were going to be up to the next day.

I like Gammons, I really do, but the stuttering thing...the guy can't get a fucking word in. He didn't used to stutter like this, makes me wonder if he has some kind of health issue goin' on. Very excited about Ps and Cs reporting. We've started the Griffey injury pool here at the office, predicting the date he'll suffer a season-ruining injury. I'm going 6/5 at Colorado. But hope springs eternal here in the home of baseball's eldest team.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous handstand said...

I saw Hornsby at the Town Hall in NYC back in October and it was one of the better shows I saw in all of 2004, just behind Phish at SPAC and Prince at MSG. He plays great music and I strongly suggest checking out next time he's in your town.

By the way, there was a camera crew at Town Hall the night I was there, so maybe you'll see the Handstand mug on a Bruce DVD someday...

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Can we all at least agree that mandolin Rain is pretty weak? I will spread the gospel of Hornsby, for sure, but can we all agree on that?!

I wrote post on here once about Gammons losing some speed on his fastball. He's gotta be getting up there in years, and years of touring the country in search of hot prospects and good tunes are finally catching up with him.

Griffey -- at this point he's just a joke. Really one of the sadder stories around...guy was not only a guaranteed HOFer but he was on pace to be the greatest player in history! I'll bet in that pool that he gets hurt in Spring Training and misses the whole season. I'm rootin for ya, Ken, and Godspeed to the reds fans out there.

Handstand, thanks for the Treymoe.deski title I stole from you. Good work. Now if that Hornsby DVD comes out, I'll buy it just to give you some royalties...dude, check out those shows I linked to, some of that stuff is fannnntastic.

Price rawks too.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous handstand said...

Nope Ace, can't agree. That song and his voice in a room with great acoustics (Town Hall) is truly a great musical treat. There's a few others I like better, but that one still gave me goosebumps that night.

And I have heard the nugs.net selections and even have a few other Bruce shows on disc. Shoot me an email for an extra-special gem of a Bruce show....

Prince is amazing. He's basically James Brown and Jimi Hendrix rolled into one. Easily the best show I saw in 2004 and one of the best I've ever seen. Respect.

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous handstand said...

Oh yeah....if Grant Hill can come back, so can Griffey.

Come on Junior...

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Fair enough, Handstand, fair enough. Not my favorite song though. We agree to disagree.

I gained a lot of respect for Prince after reading Miles' autobiography -- Miles pretty much blows him for a hundred pages.

I had the same thought on Grant Hill, but for some reason, I just don't see light at the end of Junior's tunnel. I want him to succeed -- I never root against the Juniors, Fred Taylors, Pennys and such -- but I just don't see it.

Emailing you now about something "special" involving "Hornsby."



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