Thursday, February 17, 2005

Uh Oh, We're Fucked!

And the bad news just keeps on comin':

"Jason Bateman and the rest of the Arrested Development clan might be in need of comfort: Fox is halting production after 18 episodes, shy of the usual 22, bringing the season — and maybe the series — to a premature end April 17." Sheeeeeet.

Maybe my "The Death of Gene Parmesan?" post the other day wasn't premature at all. In more ways than one: I accidentally erased the "Amigos" episode (featuring Gene P.) from my TiVo the other night, just seconds after I almost erased it and caught myself at the last second. I just about openly wept.

Twenty-two of the funniest minutes in television history erased, or as Keith Jackson would call the action, "Whoooa boy, the little stoner hit the wrong button twice, and...the"

The two morals of this story: Sometimes I'm pretty fucking smart when I'm stoned to the tits, but usually I'm the biggest fucking dumbass on the planet. And, help save Arrested Development, people! I don't know how, but get on the phone with your Congressman, post-haste.

**Or you can go here and sign a meaningless petition just for the hell of it, and in the process scope out some other shows Fox has killed too quickly. Ahh, Undeclared, how I've miss thee.**


At 3:01 PM, Blogger ethan said...

dude - a rough day in the life of ace:

(1) AD's future is in question.
(2) key episode erasure.
(3) not selected as one of 25 SG intern finalists.
(4) (the real nail in the coffin) drew brees is named as a franchise player.

just leave work now, start pounding steel reserves, and remember, the yanks have tino back.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

I probably should have applied for the SG Intern contest, but I didn't even know it was going on 'til yesterday.

I can just imagine saying to my folks, "Hey, you know that good job I have, that pays me money? Well I'm throwing it all away to be an intern from a guy that thinks The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is actually good television." But still, I'd take it.

On the contrary about Brees -- I want him to get as famous as possible, that way my story is much funnier to the masses.

But throw in a shitty commute this morning and yes, tough day for Ace.


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