Thursday, March 24, 2005

Five AM Things

--Yesterday we brought you the heroic story of Pat O'Brien getting all yacked up and leaving sexy voicemails for some woman...and today we bring you the sexy voicemails in question (thanks to poophop for sending these over).

--Anyone remember the whole Fluffhead sign fiasco that I couldn't stop laughing about? Well, there is talk on the PT boards today from some guy down in Florida...he may be taking one to the Terri Schiavo Media Circus. And considering the first line of the song is "Fluffhead was a man, with a horrible disease/Could not find no cure, won't you help him if you please?" the sign seems rather appropriate. Do it!

--"Look at my button down striped shirt! Fucking look at it!" This is a pretty fucking funny piece...

--I'm declaring today National U.S. Blues Day. In honor of today's unofficial holiday, take five minutes, throw the headphones in the CPU and take a listen to the 10/17/78 Winterland version of U.S. Blues. Do it for your ole pal Ace.

--Top three Google or Yahoo! searches that brought people to Slack yesterday:

1. Stories of women who like to drink horse semen
2. Soak myself in lamp oil and burn myself in front of the crowd
3. No roughhousing make you gay


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