Thursday, March 10, 2005


Blogger still sucks big floppy donkey deeck, so sorry for any personal inconvenience this may have caused you and your procrastination.

In other news...despite being the absolute worst shooting team in the history of college sports and perhaps all mankind, the Ace Cowboy's Northwestern Widlkits eked out a 58-56 victory over Brother Red Cowboy's Michigan Wolverines.

While TJ Parker tried his darndest to lose the game with crucial missed free throws down the stretch, the Cats hung on and will face Illinoise tomorrow in the quarterfinals. I expect an upset, harkening back to the near-upset of Cleaves' Spartans in the first Big Ten tournament ever. Man, we were so close. Expect victory...who's a Cats fan?

Anyone want a celebratory brownie?


At 3:23 PM, Blogger hoobs said...

isn't that the game where cleaves tripped on his own ankle? i love seeing people "cleaves" on their own ankles.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger jonnygritz said...

dont talk about players tripping on their own. my best chance for my cats to win the the ncaa tourny went down with a broken leg on a spin in the lane durring the confrence tourny...i think it happened today like five years ago exactly

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Gritz, good to have ya aboard! You is talkin' about the Bearcats, buddy, the most thugged out bunch of suckers that ever roamed God's Green Earth. That's called instant karma. No way would the spirits let Cincy win anything. Just wouldn't be fair.

Hoobs, not sure when Cleaves "Cleavesed." Part of me thinks it was during the actual, I still can't believe those fockers won the whole thing...that doesn't seem fair either. Plus, Cleaves looked like a fucking T-Rex.


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