Friday, April 01, 2005


Every year I wake up on the first day of the fourth month and totally forget that it's April Fool's Day. And usually I get a damn fool. A damn fool.

But today I didn't get fooled. Well, there really wasn't much to fall for. I only saw a couple of things out there, but they weren't really "Fool me, I'm a douche" kind of jokes. JamBase published a little story about saxomaphonista Skerik teaming up with Bill Clinton on a new sax project called "Gosh I Miss the 90s." And Grateful Dead bass-nerd Phil Lesh took it a step further, changing his entire PhilZone website to celebrate the works of another Phil altogether. Funny stuff.

I wouldn't be surprised if I fell for an office joke or two today, if people are in the mood to play 'em, as I'm fucking tired as shit. Despite being turned down by everyone I asked, I headed down the street to see Club D'elf with special guest John Medeski at a virtually empty Coda last night. I got there a couple minutes after 9, and I knew I was early when the guy right behind me walking in was none other than John Medeski. Not a good sign that the band is about ready to take the stage.

I'll sum up the performance like this: If I were a rich man, with some serious disposable income to toss around, I'd rent out the bar we were in, gather together 100 of my closest friends, hire this band (with Medeski) to play and give everyone two really smacky ecstasy pills, some heavy H-bombs. Then we'd all hang out, listen to these guys go at it and steadily carve out the inside of our own cheeks with chompy incisors. And we'd all have a sick time.

The band's first set was about 90 minutes, and then I left at setbreak at about 11:15. The band probably played 'til 1 in the morning, which is commendable (take that Black Crowes short show bullshit). The lineup and instrumentation were pretty sweet: Medeski on the keys and organ and clav and everything, a breakbeat-trance-Particle-kind of drummer, a dude on the electric viola that switched off between sounding like an plugged-in violin and Jimi Hendrix's guitar, a very talented bassist (that also played a pretty sweet bass that looked like an oversized BB Bat) and a percussionist that also stroked the sitar.

There were times when they got a little too spacey, but overall, I really dug their show, or half of it at least. These guys really play well together, a group of musicians that just seem like they like each other an awful lot (you can tell these things when you're no more than six feet away from the stage with nobody blocking your view). And if I had been a college boy again, with a group of friends to share the night with, I would have stayed the whole night long...instead, I came home and got into bed, woke up exhausted and came to work. Which is great. Really great.

And if anyone wants to join Ace & Co. down at the Knitting Factory on Saturday night to see a cool young jamband called U-Melt for $10, go here and meet us on down there. Gonna be a rockin' good time, I bet these guys play until 3 am, which will be 2 am. Daylight Savings Time Jones.


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