Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Busy: Instead, Read This

Allright, allright, everyone's favorite tub o' lard has expressed concern that this here blog is going to turn into the unofficial Rah Rah Yankees Masturbatory Space. And it might. I make no gurantees that it won't. But I'll try to keep my impluses under control. As for all my Sawx-lovin' enemies, let's maybe tone down the rhetoric -- I'm trying to build a friendly little community here. Smiles all around. Let's move on...

Busy morning here at the ol' place-of-work, so allow me to post a few links and come back later for more.

Here are a couple links from Back Page Phil:

1. "Help wanted: Vikings. Must be friendly, tourist-oriented and interested in ancient Norse traditions. Crazed, bloodthirsty pillagers need not apply." [More]

2. "Some horses in central Wisconsin may still be bright eyed, but no longer bushy tailed. Waushara and Portage county sheriff's departments are trying to figure out who is cutting off the tails of some horses." [More]

Now, some others:

3. I'm guessing these people need food more than the Internets, although I'm sure they can figure out a way to order a package of Omaha Steaks and not pay for them -- "Ethiopia, one of the poorest nations on earth, will expand Internet coverage from a handful of users to the entire country in three years, the prime minister said Tuesday." [More]

4. The story everyone in New York is talking about. Well, except me, I just heard about it from the national news: "Ming Kuang Chen was written off after vanishing Friday night while making a delivery for Happy Dragon restaurant at a high-rise apartment building. But more than three days later, the deliveryman emerged with a mean thirst and a tale of survival: He had been stuck by himself in an elevator the whole time, without food or water. He was pulled out at about 5 a.m. Tuesday — 80 hours later — by firefighters responding to a security officer’s call for help from the high-rise." [More]

5. The complete bullshit story of the day: "The more television 4-year-old children watch the more likely they are to become bullies later on in school, a U.S. study said on Monday. At the same time, children whose parents read to them, take them on outings and just generally pay attention to them are less likely to become bullies, said the report from the University of Washington." [More]

6. NCAA Hoops season is over...let's look ahead to next year with's resident expert.

7. I can't tell if this is a joke or not: "MADCAP movie-maker Tim Burton blew millions on new film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — training squirrels to crack nuts. The Batman director was determined to recreate the 'nut room' scene in Roald Dahl’s novel for his movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. He spent six months teaching the 200 rodents to crack hazelnuts, sort them and load them on a conveyor belt." [More]

8. Lastly, here's a nice left-leaning political blog with some good knowledge. About eight years ago we were exchanging lines from Glengarry Glen Ross in places around Evanston, now he's a rising star in the Democratic Party. That's who he is. And I'm nothing. Enjoy.


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