Thursday, April 28, 2005

Five Morning Items

1. JRH's blog pointed me in the right direction on this's a nice, clean blog about wholesome family issues: I Fucked Ann Coulter Up The Ass, Hard.

2. Apparently I wasn't the only one impressed with the Jammy's the other night. Intrepid reporter J-Cantor informs me that ?uestlove posted some fine remarks about the show on the website under the subject "Great night for jamming!":

1) me, phil lesh (the dead), john mayer and buddy guy jam at MSG/nyc -- awesome!!!! awesome!!!! awesome!!!!

2) then me keller williams and nelly mcckeye messed around on some dylan shit and improv shit. awesome x 4

3) me burning spear, the antiballas horns, medski martin and wood, and sinead oconner do the encore (lively up yourself/crosstown traffic) awesome x 19

the jammie awards at madison square garden. such a great night!

You're 100% right, ?uestlove, I thought the encore was "awesome x 19" as well (and now I have to steal the "awesome x [number]" bit, 'cuz I think it's cool as hell). I really can't get Huey Lewis singing She Caught the Katy or Mavis Staples doing I'll Take You There out of my head.

If anyone's interested in listening to this awesomeness and have BitTorrent, feel free to click here and download this mother (warning: show may not hold up so well on disc, but it was simply fantastic in person).

3. I've been on such a live music kick lately that I feel compelled to share with all of for as long as my memory allows, I'll be posting a song of the day every morning for your enjoyment. Yesterday I put up the great Umphrey's tune In the Kitchen, today it's Robert Randolph and the Family Band covering Billie Jean from the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor (2/28/04). Enjoy.

4. Earlier this week we discussed the new fad known as "happy slapping," the awful practice of London teenagers performing violent acts on random, unsuspecting innocents -- often adults, sometimes women -- while their friends capture the attacks on camera phones with video technology.

Well, in that post I said that I would watch the videos if I saw 'em on the Internets...and now that I found those vids, I changed my mind. That's not true, actually. I just can't get the page to load, must be too much traffic right now. In any event, you can find them here.

5. Finally, here's the CNN news story of the day: "Publicist: Cruise dating actress Katie Holmes" -- I hope the president talks about this tonight during his live press conference about energy and social security. CNN should just change its name to OMG.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger offpeak34 said...

Great choice of songs for today! Robert Randolph is unreal, one of my favorite shows to see! I really wish I could've gone to the Jammy's, everyone keeps raving about it, sounds like it lived up to the hype and more. In other live music news, my friend and I started a Phish podcast, check it out at got it up and running last night.

That Ann Coulter thing was absolutely hysterical, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

See above post.


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