Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rick James 4 City Council

Story of the day: "An aspiring Mississippi politician who shares the same name as the late 'Super Freak' singer has been fighting an uphill battle trying to keep his campaign signs from being stolen or defaced by fans of a popular sketch on Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show." [More, bitch...]

That's a pretty funny story...even funnier considering I just saw him interviewed on CNN and the anchorette was pretty much laughing in his face the entire time.

Here are five more interesting items of note this morning:

1. Chipotle Bob, this one's for you -- midget jokes. "The two were testifying against their longtime neighbor, Joseph Izzo, who was busted last week for spray-painting a yellow line leading up to their house and telling them to 'follow the yellow brick road.'" You gotta read this one.

2. Winner of the Way To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is When It Comes To Papal Websites Award: this guy.

3. Dude, you're a lawyer? What a fuckin' schmuck. This guy looks more like Bull Hurley than an accomplished attorney, no?

4. Who owns the Ice Capades? Shakespeare's Sister tells us we'd be surprised which gay-bashin' conservative owns and operates the sequined club of "heterosexuals."

5. More from Shake's Sis...what kind of English do you speak?


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