Tuesday, May 31, 2005

An Ace Cowboy Weekend

A long weekend, a great weekend...I'm hurtin'.

A night of drinkin' with Donnie, Starbux, Wooglin and some other fine folks for Irene's birthday, a trip to Yankee Stadium with Dorsey levin and his Pops for the Sawx and the Yanks (um, 17 runs on 27 hits sound nice?), a fine, fine evening with the Dark Star Orchestra, a day/night jaunt to Philly for Captain Morgan's Jam on the River, some sunnin' out in the courtyard in front of my building reading some bookage, gettin' baked and cleanin' the whole apartment...

Good buds, bad baseball and plenty of ridiculous moozak, now that's what I call an Ace Cowboy weekend. Now I'm hurtin' big time and my throat feels like I'm perpetually gargling gravel and razors. This is a problem. But the bossman's out, the new hire is in and awaiting my tutelage and someone's gotta do some work. I guess that'll be me. More coming later...

Slack Song of the Day: The band that impressed us most at Jam on the River, a bluegrass band called Railroad Earth, playing Head from July 10, 2004 at my favorite bar in Chicago, Martyr's.


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