Monday, May 16, 2005

I Heart Jayson Stark

He's not the best writer and he's not even really a good columnist. But when Jayson Stark puts out a "Useless Information Department" page of cool stats you'd never read elsewhere, it's a must read. Here's my favorite from this week's installment, if only because I was there -- or wasn't there -- to (not) witness the feat:

"Out there in the great Midwest Last weekend, it sure wasn't a good idea to arrive at your seat late -- or you might already find a football score up on the old scoreboard.

First, the Dodgers scored 10 runs in the first inning against the Reds on May 6. Then, two days later, the Cardinals put up 11 against the Padres in the first. So when was the last time two teams scored that many runs that fast in games that close together? How about NEVER.

The previous closest gap between double-digit first innings, according to Elias, was four days. And even that was kind of a while ago -- on May 13-17, 1887, when Pretzels Getzien's Detroit Wolverines scored 10 in the first in Chicago and Toad Ramsey's Louisville Colonels matched them four days later in Baltimore."

I live for Starkian oddities.


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