Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Time For Love, Dr. Jones

Busy day over here in Workland. In lieu of Slacker Commentary, here are some interesting links:

1. "Petaluma police and federal drug agents were amazed this morning by the size of a weekend drug bust that netted as much as 15 gallons of a substance believed to be the 'date rape' drug GHB."

That's enough for about 70,000 doses, the SF Chronicle reports. Anyone wanna steal this stash and hit up the Ohio State sororities?

2. "Fubon Securities Co., the brokerage arm of Taiwan's second-largest financial holding company, said a trader erroneously bought NT $7 billion ($223 million) worth of shares today." According to Bloomberg, "The trader, who wasn't named, will be fired, Kung said in the statement." I've got no joke here, but as a former stock trader, I feel this guy's pain. And his groin. I feel his groin.

3. We talked yesterday about Bob Geldof spilling the Live 8 frijoles and telling the world what will take place at the beginning and end of the show. As it turns out, that's not the whole story:

"Sir Paul McCartney landed the headline spot at Live 8 after threatening not to perform at all." Later, it says: "A Live 8 source said Sir Paul's headline slot had ruffled a few feathers. 'Some of the more fragile egos are upset,' he said. 'Bono, in particular, was quick to demand a share of the opening number and sees what he has done politically over the years as a bit more relevant to Live 8 than what Paul has to offer."

Nothing like ego to get in the way of a noble cause. Reminds me of the time they cancelled the Zooma Tour, which would have benefitted red-headed heroin and OxyContin addicts. For more unabashed bashing of the Bad Lieutenant, see yesterday's blog-related hilarity.

4. Oh, the irony: "Despite pleas from organizers for nonviolence, three people were shot and another stabbed as another Super Safe Sunday event turned bloody...The Super Safe Sunday series is meant to get youths off the streets and curb black on black violence in Shreveport." Oh, the humanity. Oh, the huge manatees.

Slack Song of the Day: For lack of anything better -- well, what can be better than the Duo with Mike? -- here's the Trio from this year's Bonnaroo with Phish's Foam.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Wooglin said...

“He said it was for personal use,” Stephenson said. While searching Miller’s Borden Villa Drive home, investigators found more than a dozen one-quart bottles of GVL, a substance similar to GHB, Stephenson said.

Personal use. This guy is into some crazy shit.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

The personal usage thing makes sense...

I mean, I'm getting so fat and ugly that I need to administer myself the date rape drug just to masturbate.

(I stole that bit from Dennis Miller. Funny bit.)


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