Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Three Quickies

--In a few hours I'm headed to North Carolina for the day. On my boss' private jet. Just the two of us. I'm not really all that nervous, but the Ambiguously Gay Uno is kind of freaking out over this development. He thinks these things fall out of the sky all the time. Me? I'm fine. Really, I'm coo-de-la. Actually, I'm pretty excited.

So there will be no postage after this one today, and I won't be around to share in your hilarious and insightful comments. And if something should happen -- I'm told we're flying into "some weather" -- just know that I'd like you all to touch me in sensitive places.

--If only six million people tuned in every week to television's best show, Arrested Development, then I imagine only six or seven will watch Comedy Central's Stella every week. But set your TiVos, folks, because after last night's premiere, there's a 100 percent chance I'm going to be laughing my ass off every Tuesday night, all summer long.

If you liked The State, or Wet Hot American Summer, or any sketch show that bends the rules of comedy, this is for you, this is your jam. It's offbeat, it's nonsensical, it's brilliant. (And last night's episode had Ed Norton, which is nice). I'm not going to say any more, because I don't want to build it up any more than I have. But Tuesday nights at 10:30, make sure you're watching.

Also, this show will be cancelled in three weeks, guaranteed.

--I've been talking about Phish and Trey a lot lately. But it's summer time, and this is always a time when Phish gets a ton of my brain space. Well, yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of my very first show: 6/28/95 at Jones Beach. To celebrate, I wrote a nice review over at the Live Music Blog about my thoughts on the decade gone by. It's fairly brief, too.

Click here for some nostalgia (for non-fans, it's got some funny moments to keep you entertained, like this line: "Next thing I knew I woke up in a Howard Dean speech: I went to Ohio and Virginia and Nevada and Wisconsin and Michigan and Georgia and North Carolina and Vermont…Arrrgh!" OK, that's not that funny. But still.)

Slack Song of the Day: In honor of that 10-year anniversary, here's a kickass version of Also Sprach Zarathustra, aka the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Trey, Particle and the legend Deodato (they're covering his version of the Strauss classic).


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