Monday, July 11, 2005

Picture of the Year

I saw something uniquely hilarious this weekend, one of those enduring images that only come along once in a great while. I think if I had one of them shit-kickin' cameras with the long lenses I may have swept every 2005 photo-journalism award the industry bestows.

Snacks and I weathered a ten-minute War of the Worlds-like storm on Sixth Avenue on Saturday, and when we emerged from the subway's refuge it was positively gorgeous outside (incidentally, I'm sorry for even referencing Senor Spielbergo's traveshamockery of a film, but it describes the quickness of the darkening sky pretty well). We walked to Washington Square Paek and met up with J-Cantor and the Mrs., where we stood and watched a fine trio of seemingly mismatched musicians playing great Beatles' covers to a solid crowd about 10 feet away from an unimpressive street perfomer hopping up and down on broken glass to the applause of nary a passerby.

The four of us strolled up Sixth after walking through the remnants of a street fair on Bleecker and started to make our way up north. Taking some bat hits on the corner of Sixth and Waverly, I noticed that strange occurrence teased above. I wish I had that camera.

There was a lady, probably from a Caribbeanean island like Trinidad and Tobago. She had long, dreadlocked black hair tied up in a bandana-like head-satchel, the kind of headress that makes for the base of a Chiquita fruit hat, like the people wear to transport their goods from village to village. Only the object resting on this woman's noggin wasn't a piece of fruit or anything used for commerce, it was a large plastic cup of Starbucks iced coffee. The absurdity is bleeding all over the rug. I'm easily amused, but that's gold, Jerry. Gold.

Other notes:

--People constantly tell me they're not happy with a particular function of Blogger, and I couldn't agree more (well, you do get what you pay for). Nobody's happy about the fact that when you click on an embedded link, it goes directly to the link instead of opening up a new window to make for uninterrupted reading. I'd like to make it work that way, but it just doesn't. And if it does, someone teach me how, because I'd love to switch it.

Anyway, I have two suggestions for you:

1. Instead of clicking on the link itself, drag the mouse over the highlighted portion and right-click it. Choose the "Open in a New Window" option...and voila!

2. Open up two browsers to the home-grown Slack LaLane shit. When you feel the urge to click one of the embedded links, switch over to Browser Dos and click it on up. Snoogins.

--Pay close attention to the 8 - 9 pm commercial breaks of Monday night's Home Run Derby. A little birdie showed me a sneak peek of the new Wheaties ad campaign that's launching at some point in that hour, and it's a damn good one. Great mersh, you'll enjoy. Chills.

--The Yanks go into the All-Star Break only 2.5 back and streaking through the quad like Frank the Tank. Giambi, back on the juice? No question. I like it.

--After this, we're taking a two-day hiatus from postage. Well, I'm taking a hiatus, maybe Donnie will craft his first post since March 30th, but I'm out. I'm going in for a simple little medical procedure Monday afternoon and won't be able to get to a computer for a few days. It's not calf implants ala Johnny Drama and, sadly, it's not penis reduction surgery like Ron Albertson (it ain't vagina enlargement either, though). We'll have more on that Wednesday.

Slack Song of the Day: As a result of missing the next two days, here are a couple of full shows from that you might enjoy:

1. The Word, from this year's Bonnaroo -- Kenny Alias gave me the heads up about these guys and this is it possible that John Medeski, Robert Randolph and Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi All Stars were in a band and I had no idea? I suck. Regardless, there's some cool stuff in this set.

2. Sly and the Family Stone, 10/9/70 -- You can't really find much live Sly stuff, so when you do you've got to hold onto it for dear life. As Donnie likes to say, if chocolate pudding could sing, this is what it would sound like.

3. The popular rock band Phish, 2/28/03 -- This is the most controversial show in the archives: People either think it's the best post-hiatus show or the most overrated one. Me? I think it's the best post-hiatus show. And I think I'm right.

The Tweezer> Soul Shakedown Party to open the second set makes me moist, the Back on the Train might be the greatest version ever, the first Destiny Unbound in 12 years, a kickass three-song encore featuring a funky Contact jam and an always-sick Tweeprise, crisp jamming the whole night...what more do you people need?

Good talk, see ya Wednesday.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Kenny Alias said...

I'm not sure about the best post-hiatus show. But it was definetly pretty f-in' great. Let's not forget the Horn->Bathtub Gin right after the Destiny Unbound. Very nice. We probably should try to forget the Mexican Cousin in the encore though.

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another tip if you are using MS Internet Exlorer. Holding the shift key while you click on any link will open it up in a new window.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Justin said...

Add target="_blank" after the href=" " statement (leave a space between) and that'll do it...

At 2:10 PM, Blogger ahren said...

2/28/03... i agree with everything said about it so far. i was peaking on mushrooms, sitting behind the stage for the tweezer->shakedown. shakedown seemed familiar to me, but was convinced that the tweezer had been so good, that it had magically conjured up this new reggae song that erupted spontaneously in everyone's mind at once, which is why they all knew the words. i was sad to find out otherwise

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Thanks Justin, but that seems like a lotta work!

Ahren, that's a pretty funny little story...I have always loved that song since the Europe 97 show they broke that out at, so I was pretty stoked about it and jumping up and down right as they broke into it. One of my favorite rare covers, right up there with Time Loves a Hero.

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous bob said...

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