Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Gotta jam on putting together some stuff for today's space shuttle Discovery launch, scheduled for 10:39 am. Let's just hope they make it into the sky this time...everyone get to a television and watch some history: Americans return to space. Pretty cool shit.

Slack Song of the Day: I'm in the mood for a handful of covers today from the one and only Keller Williams. K-Dub, who just announced a long tour, is nothing short of inspiring and hilarious. So here's the Man doing interesting covers of Nirvana's Lithium, Phish's The Wedge and the Gratfeul Dead's Help on the Way from July 10, 2005.

Slack Sad Anniversary of the Day: RIP Brent Mydland, died 7/26/90. He danced with the speedballs, and he lost. Badly. Now if only we can kill off Brent Musberger, I'd be happy.

Slack Link of the Day: I don't mean to keep beating you over the head with a large rubber dildo, but the Live Music Blog was written up on Forbes.com as part of its "Best of the Web" series. No mention of the Ace Cowboy in the write-up, but I know my role. Kudos to Justin.

Slack Craisins of the Day: "A woman who told police she wanted to be a 'cool mom' pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges Monday for having sex with high school boys at parties where authorities said she supplied drugs and alcohol."

Here's the story, but also check Drudge for her not-so-hot picture.

Slack "What The F?" of the Day: So I often check my site referrals, just to see where folks are coming from (many thanks to Muldoon and Vegoose Googlers). Yesterday I discovered something pretty weird: The Anorexia Center features a post from Slack LaLane under its "Signs of Anorexic" page. These guys are saying I'm exhibiting signs of anorexia and need to deal with it. Allright!

All because of this line from a 5/12 post: "Like I've said before, I'm the world's fattest anorexic (although, in fairness to me, I NEVER eat salad except for ones with that awesome Nipponese ginger dressing)."

Pray for me.

Slack Ridiculousness of the Day: Ahren's got the jump on one of my favorite stories of the year. As we learned in Half Baked, never feed a diabetic horse some Funyuns and Pink Popcorn (makes your teeth go pop-pop-pa-pa-pop). And now as we learned from this tale of woe, never tell a cop his police horse is gay.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger ethan said...

ya hungry girl?

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Don Fiedler said...

Ethan, did you ask that question because of the police horse/Half-Baked reference or because Ace is an anorexic? Either way, a "ha" to you, sir.

PS...Down with the employee pricing gimmick!

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Fuck you, ni**a.

The Shuttle's up and away! That was pretty cool to watch.

Donnie, I hear you can buy a shuttle these days for what the price that the NASA employees pay.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Don Fiedler said...

That price is 7, right?

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...


At 10:56 AM, Blogger ethan said...

say buttercup!


donnie - i asked it for all you wesley pipes fans out there (that's my favorite scene other than the 666 jungle of love part), but good call on the double (D's) usage.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Matty Mac said...

The launch was definitely pretty cool. It was awesome to hear the cheers of all of the NASA employees and former astronauts. In case you missed the launch, you can see the coverage and video here.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Matty Mac said...

I love buttered stuff!

At 11:31 AM, Blogger poophopanonymous22 said...

are u gay if u bang a gay horse, or is it still just beastiality?

At 11:50 AM, Blogger PaulNoonan said...

I heard that Europe lost the crusades because they refused to employ gay horses.

Tolerance people!

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

I can't believe I didn't put the gay horse joke in that post:

Q: What does a gay horse eat?
A: Haaaaaaaaaay.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger ethan said...

as to the 'cool mom':

"Police said the investigation began after one of the boys told his mother about the encounters, and she reported it to authorities."

what, free booze, drugs, and sex every week for a year wasn't enough for that 16 year old?. the other kids should clearly put him thru the gulag.


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