Tuesday, September 06, 2005

...And the Livin' is Easy

I must admit, right at the top, this post is more for myself than anyone of you. Don't get me wrong, I like you guys, you seem like a really swell bunch. We've had good times here, and I'd like to kiss you all on the mouth repeatedly.

But one of the best features about having a blog is the ability to document the downright special and otherwise meaningless moments in your life for the one eventual day when that inevitable nostalgia awakes from the mind's unconscious slumber.

And though the weather in New York was hotter than two rats fuckin' in a wool sock, and the past few months have gone by awfully fast, I'll always look back with fondness at this particular summer, the Year of Our Lord 2006. In addition to the laundry list that follows, I found out this summer I'm gonna be an uncle. Uncle Ace. In six months or so, I'm gonna be charged with uncledom. Holy Jeez, I can't fuckin' wait.

That alone made my summer. Then one of my bestest friends on the planet asked me to be the best man at his wedding one warm evening after returning from a Yankee win at the Stadium (while celebrating the birthday of another), and that made my summer all over again. Those two events alone were enough to bring a smile to my face and a tent in my pantaloons, but there was so much more.

So I went through the blog from Memorial Day to Labor Day and culled the events that shaped the last few months...without further (Freddy) adieu, I give you "My Summer, in chronological order":

I started out with a Memorial Day weekend of beisbol, a super-sweet May '77 Dark Star Orchestra show and the Jam on the River; spread a new slogan "Youze Got Hooagies" while vacationing at the Alias household; met the bassist for Ween; attended the unbelievable ECW reunion show with Snacks; got a mention in the Philadelphia Inquirer; almost saw a real-life runaway bride at a wedding in California; celebrated my 26th birthday; stuck it to my idol on the Internet (wait, that came out wrong -- and the evidence of my joke has since been erased); flew on a private jet to North Carolina; went in for LASIK surgery and shed my glasses; stood in line and was subsequently shut out of a fucking CD release party, yet somehow I made it into an offical photo from the event; forgot to document my awesome weekend up at my old summer camp for the Visiting Day/50-year-anniversary reunion in Northeast Pennsylvania (best weekend of the summer and I was too lazy to type it out, typical Ace); predicted Shawn Chacon's incredible usefulness to the Yanks; sat in awe of a ridiculous coincidence involving the great Huey Lewis; went to Shea to watch the Brewers walk in the game-winning run in a 9-8 barnburner; caught Trey and his new band noodle to mediocrity at Jones Beach; saw three free concerts in one week -- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at South Street Seaport and two Club D'elf shows at the Knit; conceived the greatest idea for a Halloween Party ever; reminisced about the one-year anniversary of the flub-filled last ever concert by the best rock band in history; involved myself in another ridiculous coincidence concerning an amazing unknown keyboardist; watched my friends dig an enormous six-foot hole on a Fire Island beach; tried out for an ESPN game show (most likely unsuccessfully, but I've yet to hear either way); got faked out on a Talking Heads reunion but saw Blondie and Public Enemy at the CBGB Forever benefit; and topped it all off with a family weekend out East and a wedding in Westchester. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The next season's already off to a great start...following Hornsby and Ratdog in Central Park last Thursday and an amazing Labor Day weekend on Eastern Lawn Gisland and Westchester, I'll be seeing three concerts this week and drafting a winning fantasy football squad with the number one overall pick, where the real question will be, who do I draft first, LT or the Jets D? The jury's still out on that one.

So I say to you fine folks, enjoy the autumn ahead.

Slack Links of the Day: Here's the latest from New Orleans -- Deputy chief says New Orleans 'completely destroyed'; But the water's being pumped out of the city; many city residents refuse to leave; many go from the Jetsons to the Flinstones; residents of Houston are about to freak out when the dark people decide to stay; President Bush plans to pass the buck on yet another issue --yes, another; and a boy and his dog steal the show.

Slack Song of the Day: After Thursday's awesome Hornsby/Ratdog show, I figured it'd be only fitting to post some Bruuuuce on here for the lot of you. So here's a treat -- Bruce and Bela Fleck on stage together from 4/24/96 -- two virtuosos sharing the spotlight, making solid music and yukkin' it up.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger ethan said...

great slack song of the day. moochass grassiass.

i took a music class in college once and wrote a paper about attending a flektones concert. and by attending i mean borrowing someone's tape of a live show.


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