Friday, September 09, 2005

Football, Wildcats

Last season I had one of my all-time greatest football pick 'em campaigns in recent memory. I only finished a handful of games over .500 (136-133-7) picking every game, but in my Best Bet pool, picking three games per week, I ended up 20 games over the .500 mark in 51 games. I am a Golden God.

Let's flash back to January 3rd, 2005:

"Compiling an unheard of 35-15-1 record, my bold statement of the day is that I'm the first person to win 70 percent of his best bets since Lisa Simpson's improbable run of Daddy-Daughter Days in January of 1992. Eat that, ya little yellow prepubescent know-it-all.

If I had any nuts whatsoever, I'd be up about $10,000 with an offshore casino right now, hitting reverses and teasers and straight up bets left and right. For chrissakes, in the four weeks from Week 11 through Week 14, I went 12-0! I didn't lose a fuckin' game! How did I not bet real money on my personal proficiency in prognostication?! Because I have no nuts whatsoever, that's why. Sheeet, man, I suck."

So, let's see if I can continue that string of good luck this season. But you know I'll most likely start betting and just get my ass handed to me. Already this season I'm 0-1, after last night's opener at Foxboro. Sweet. Anyway, onto the Week #1 picks:

Raiders +7.5 over the PATS
GIANTS -2.5 over the Cards
Jets +3 over the CHIEFS
Broncos -5 over the DOLPHINS
*Bengals -3.5 over the BROWNS
BILLS -4.5 over the Texans
STEELERS -7 over the Titans
*Bears +6 over the REDSKINS
PANTHERS -7 over the Saints
*VIKINGS -6 over the Bucs
Seahawks +3 over the JAGS
Rams -5 over the 49ERS
LIONS -3 over the Packers
Cowboys +4.5 over the CHARGERS
RAVENS +3 over the Colts
Eagles -1.5 over the FALCONS

*Best Bet picks...even though I'm not in that pool this year, I'm still gonna keep a running tally for my own sake.

We'll have a more complete snapshot of the season later in the day, including my thoughts on division winners and the playoff picture.

In another football-related note, the Northwestern Wildcats will be looking to go 2-0 on the season against Northern Illinois tomorrow. And just like the past few seasons, the game's on television for no reason. Check out ESPN Classic at 4 pm, and Go U Northwestern.

Slack Song of the Day: For the fifth time in as many months, I went to see the Benevento/Russo Duo last night. They were playing at the Bowery Ballroom, one of my favorite venues in the city, so I skipped the NFL Opener and headed down to the room. As always, I left utterly amazed at what these two supremely talented musicians can do with their instruments. They're just so solid.

This show had moments of trippy spaciness that I just didn't love, but for the most part, it was another excellent concert. They played all my favorite songs, smiled ambiguously at each other all night and rocked out on stage to the fullest. Plus, Marco was his usual funny self, describing the upcoming after-party at a bar in Alphabet City, where they'd be playing in their "other band." Then he explained, "It's me and Joe. Actually it's just us. But we're called Come On Falcon (sp?)." Good stuff.

In honor of last night's show, here are their two best songs: Becky and Best Reason to Buy the Sun from Camp Bisco on August, 27, 2005 in Van Etten, New York.

A cool band called Drums & Tuba opened for the Duo...I wouldn't go out of my way to see them, but they definitely put on a good show. They're three guys, one on the drums, one on the tuba, and one on the guitar. Just from the name, you wouldn't expect those guys to have a guitarist, right? I'd like to see the guy have this conversation with someone:

Person: What do you do for a living?
D&T Guitarist: I'm a musician. I play in a band.
Person: Which one?
D&TG: Drums & Tuba.
Person: Oh, cool, man, what do you play?
D&T: Guitar.

That just seems like it would be funny. No?


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Glad to see The Duo rocked nicely.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger ethan said...

betting against the city of new orleans could provide some bad karma in the coming weeks. look for a chad pennington injury in the 2nd quarter because some reader from the bayou stuck a pin in a sexington voodoo doll.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

They certainly did, JW...they were also much louder than the previous times I've seen 'em. MUCH.

Ethan, I hear ya, but if those homeless bastards do anything to Chad Sexington, I'll fly down there and reverse the pumps and poke more holes in the levees. I DO NOT mess around with the Jets.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger offpeak34 said...

I'm liking the Jets predictions, can't wait for the season to start!

As far as the Duo goes, that show was a lot of fun. I didn't stay til the end either cause of work this morning, but it was a great time.

As far as camp goes, my sister said she recognized you from being a colorwar general, don't remember what year that was though.


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