Monday, October 03, 2005

Post-Hiatus Slack

After four long years spent accumulating a metric ton of worthless crap, piled on top of the 22 year collection of even more useless garbage, I spent the last few days cleaning, trashing, saving, junking, dusting, wiping, wrapping, packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning again. That's right, I finally moved.

The whole process went smoothly...swimmingly even. I got a late jump to the packing, which caused me to exaggerate an illness on Thursday and leave work early (that, in turn, caused me to actually get sick, and I now feel like absolute dog-doo). But everything came together in the end -- "the elements are coming together, sirrr" -- and now I live in the pulsing heart of the Village instead of the black pants of New York City's Lawn Gisland District.

I just need to hook up some electronics, hang some pictures, get a bookshelf and then I'm Golden Grahams. Bleecker Street, the new home of the Ace Cowboy. I love it.

It was weird saying goodbye to the old apartment and part ways with the Ambiguously Gay Uno, who moved in with his girlfriend this weekend. When the old apartment was all cleaned out and left in "broom-swept condition" for the management company, the two of us exchanged a sweet double high-five of reminiscence and walked out the door. Good times.

It honestly felt like the last episode of a sitcom -- and we certainly had a great run. The first year was hysterical, but we had poor ratings. Then I replaced the first guy with the AGU and the last three years have been excellent. But like any good spinoff, I expect the next few years to kick off another great chapter in the life and times of the AC. We'll keep you posted right here...

The first episode ran this weekend. So far, rave reviews from myself and the rest of the cast. I think we have another hit on our hands.

Slack Song of the Day: Just because I saw a 110-year-old Ronnie Wood play this tune on a weird Fender-related TV special late last night, here's Ooh La La by those lovable Faces ("I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now").


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Good to hear that the move went well. I was worried that your illness was going to REALLY take some away from that...

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Yeah, well, it didn't make the move fun...and I'm still a little sick right now. But I was amazed at just how easy the whole move was -- the packing/unpacking sucked, but actually moving the boxes and such...not bad at all.


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