Thursday, October 27, 2005

Scotty Pos & the ChiSox

Congrats to the White Sox, a well-deserved champion. I wouldn't quite annoint them one of the best teams of the last half-century as ESPN announced in their post-Series coverage last night, but I was really impressed with the job they did down the stretch.

The Sox were an enjoyable team to watch and a likeable team to root for -- a great combo. Kudos bar, Ozzie. Four frivilous thoughts in the afterbirth of the Series:

--As with my Harriet Miers/Rachel Dratch comparison this morning, doesn't White Sox GM Kenny Williams have a Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson from A Few Good Men thing going on (this joke would work a lot better if there was even ONE picture of Wolfgang Bodison anywhere on the Internets)? But you've all seen the movie, you know who I'm talkin' about. I heard Kenny was once given a sub-standard report because he brought PFC Curtis Bell some food.

--There are a handful of Slackers that follow the Brewers pretty closely, and even more folks around here that follow baseball like they take in oxygen. So my question is this: Am I the only person who remembers the time when the first 'D' in Podsednik was considered silent? What happened to that pronunciation? When did that fucking 'D' get back in the fold?

Everyone's calling the former Brewer "POD-sed-nik," all over the airwaves. Since when? Even a cursory search of Google turns up how wrong everyone has been this past fortnight. This article, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from July 2003, is the smoking gun:

"The name is getting more and more attention now that Podsednik has played himself into a candidate for the National League rookie of the year award. And Thursday night in Houston, a Podsednik fan gave TV viewers in Milwaukee a pronunciation lesson.

The fan, presumably one of many from Podsednik's hometown of West, Texas, held up a sign saying, 'Go, Podsednik,' and adding that 'the first d is silent.'

'I don't know who that was,' Podsednik said Friday. But he confirmed the pronunciation of his name, which is of Czech origin.

It's "'puh-SED-nik'."

Now, the next line in the article does explain that Scotty Pos doesn't care very much, but still, the horse's mouth is naying the silent D. Tim Kurkjian wrote a good piece last year that included a lede about the silent D in Podsednik's name. Baseball Digest's Steve Cline mentioned last October how many people around baseball were mispronouncing his name, also quoting Podsednik himself. And the list goes on...

So why did everyone from Joe Buck to Tim McCarver to Chris Berman to just about anybody announcing and commenting on this Series get it wrong? I have no insight into that, but I think it's fairly ridiculous to get someone's name wrong for the entire postseason. Unless Scotty Pos came out and said he doesn't care or that he changed the pronunciation, which is entirely pod-ssible.

--I never would have expected the White Sox to win the World Series, and I don't know anybody who can claim they did. But I am going to pull a Barry Horowitz and pat myself on the back for thinking this team would win the AL Central and do some damage, just because I love myself more than I like you. After being told by Slacker Greg that I was crazy for picking them, I recorded this rationale on April 1st:

"As for the ChiSox, I just have a feeling about Ozzie's squad this year. Maybe it's because everyone LOVES the Twins, but I think you take a mediocre team, subtract their two best players (Mags and El Caballo) and you have a division champion. But seriously, I like their staff -- Freddy Got Garcia-ed, Buerhle, the dueling Cubans of El Duque and Contreres, Garland, relievers like Marte and Politte will put it together this year...I just have a feeling."

Not bad. I didn't see the emergence of Dustin Hermanson and Bobby "Darryl" Jenks and I didn't mention the offense at all, but I'm pretty happy with that bit of impressive augury. Good stuff.

--Last night's ratings were off big time from last year...not judging, just saying. This was a ridiculously awesome post-season, another GREAT year of playoffs, another great World Series, but 25 percent less people watched the clincher. Not judging, just saying.

Slack Song of the Day: I'm not much of a Moby fan, but I really enjoyed that Play disc he put out a few years ago, the one off which every single track was bought for commercial purposes. Anyway, there's a decent song called South Side on it, so in honor of the world-champion White Sox, here goes.

Since many of you will think that song sucks, here are five others: Sex in the 70s, In the Midnight Hour (off PhilZone), Dandelion Wine, Bold As Love, and Back on the Chain Gang.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger PaulNoonan said...

The Podsednik thing drives me nuts, and the White Sox broadcasters do it too. You would think that he would have dropped them a line about it at some point. Then again, he obviously doesn't care that much, so why should I?

At 12:36 PM, Blogger ethan said...

as someone with a lot of czech blood in me AND whose last name gets mispronounced just about every day, i feel for you scotty. basically, though, you just stop caring after like 2nd grade when your sunday school teacher tries to convince you that YOU are wrong, the e (or in his case d) CAN'T BE SILENT.

as to the ratings, i think the fact that the series was 3-0 played a role (though maybe all the games were down) and the general public doesn't like 1-0 or extra inning games. hence the general public should never say a peep about the steroid era cause they lathered themselves in that shit like sheffield and the cream and clear.

i thought the series was really exciting, but would've liked to see chicago win it at home.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

I hate it when teams don't win it at home...In fact, they should invent teleportation already, just so we can beam the WS winners to their home field right after the victory. It sucks that a team can win a championship in front of about 100 loyal fans who made the trek. But that's part of the game I guess...

At 1:25 PM, Blogger The Bourbon Samurai said...

I absolutely agree. I will temporarily switch the team I'm rooting for just to get a situation where a team can win at home. It just makes the whole scenario exponentially better.


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