Friday, December 16, 2005

No Huelga!

For now, New York has averted a potentially crippling all-out transit strike, and in a rare contrarian move, I'm fairly bummed about that.

I could have been sitting on my couch right now, legs stretched out on the table, remote in one hand, glass in the other, Ace staring blankly at whatever's playing on the Game Show Network, occasionally blinking, munchin' on lightly schmeared bagels all day and drinkin' gallons of chocolate milk. Alas, my godly day of rest was not to be.

Mostly, though, I really wanted to see the city's reaction to the strike. Like the blackout, this could have been a communal city event bringing people together, only this time with electricity. Strangers riding in livery cars and taxis with strangers, walking to work with each other and sharing a knowing neighborly smirk on the streets teeming with pedestrians.

In a similar manner that NYC united against terrorism after 9/11, we all would come together to curse the greedy transit workers and their scrimping and skimping Scroogey bosses. F them! Here's to us! All this time I've been picturing bars packed with smiling Manhattanites (no NYC for you tonight, B-&-Ters), singing war songs and swyaing back and forth, clinking steins in joyous toasts and coming together in the spirit of other people's misfortunes.

Instead, they fucked some people from Queens in a selective strike and the rest of us are sitting at our desks, waiting for the weekend. No couch, no game shows, no friendly smiles, no clinking steins. Just work. Sheesh, I need to figure out a way to sabotage these MTA/TWU talks like Zach and Slater did to Tuttle and Belding. I hope there's no Academic Bowl coming up.

Slack Link of the Day: "A Winooski bar has been ordered to go dry for two weeks in January after being busted for holding Yahtzee games."

Slack Riiiiiidiculousness of the Day: I'm not sure how many times the president can say "We'll stand down when the Iraqis stand up," but if he's serious about that mantra our troops will be in the region for a long, loooong time. Apparently the Iraqis caught the most wanted man in the world not named Osama and then promptly, well, released him. Get up, stand up!

Slack Song of the Day: My boss is out today. Today, and every other day for the rest of 2005. That means I'll have lots of time on my hands the next few weeks, and I'm expecting many of you will as well. In honor of that potential for procrastination and glaring need for online distraction, I give you an entire playlist to get you through this late-December Friday...

Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is from 11/8/98 (posted this once before but it's too fantastic not to post again), Trey Anastasio Band's Sultans of Swing from 4/11/04 (bad-ASS), moe.'s Buster from 10/3/96, Phil & Friend's Viola Lee Blues from 4/15/99, Tea Leaf Green's Garden Part III from 12/29/04, Derek Trucks Band's B-2 Boogaloo from 12/31/01, Deep Banana Blackout's What I'm Talkin' About from 6/10/01, String Cheese Incident's Miss Brown's Teahouse from Langerado 2005 and Umphrey's McGee's In the Kitchen from 5/29/04.

Slack Show of the Day: And if that weren't enough, the good people at Sugarmegs are providing us with an entire show, this one's The Band from 8/1/1973. What I wouldn't do see a band cover Chest Fever or Back to Memphis at a show I attend...


At 10:54 AM, Blogger MDS said...

Would you have been given the day off work if there had been a transit strike? This gets me thinking. I really have no idea what my office would do if there were a strike in Chicago. Certainly, most of us use public transit. I wonder if we'd be told to telecommute. Which would be impossible for me right now, since my internet access at home has been down all week. Stupid RCN. Today someone will come out for the fifth time. The first four have failed to fix the problem, and yet I'm oddly optimistic that the fifth time is the charm.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

No, no day off. But my Bossman is out today, and when he's out I have very little to do. I basically work from 9-11 and 3-5 when he's out, so I easily could have done that from home.

The crazy thing about the strike was people who work on Wall Street coming in from Lawn Gisland had to take the LIRR to Penn, then the PATH to Jersey, then another PATH back to the WTC and then walk from there to Wall.

I would rather see another REM concert than suffer that fate.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Trix said...

mds - Go Comcast & never look back.


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