Saturday, December 31, 2005


One more for the 2005 Live Show Roster...

I met Penny Lane Seiden and her friend Molly at the RANA show at the Knitting Factory last night, a great decision by me. These guys are more on the rock side of my musical tastes, but they cover my whole Kick Yo' Ass spectrum. I don't even know what the second part of that sentence means. Not a clue.

RANA has a pretty cool band dynamic, though, and they play across a wide range of styles and genres. I love the fact that they play mostly short, sharp and punchy songs of a higher punk-esque intensity, which isn't my usual fare. Plus, they're really fun to watch on stage, as they don't really look like they'd be fast friends outside the venue. But they mesh well up there, a true band in every sense of the word, cranking out quality-driven tunes every time out.

And after they broke out their unique take on the Talking Heads' Thank You for Sending Me an Angel, I'm ready to declare them a must-see-again act in 2006. I'm not sure what kind of touring schedule they're going to have next year, but if they come to your town, get some ducats and enjoy a fantastic evening.

For more, check these songs out: Livin' Was Easy, Butter My Roll, I'm Comin' Correct, Carbombed Again and Not So Mopso.

Slack Camera Phone Video of the Day: Last night was a great experience all around, aside from the amazing performance. Aside from literally bumping into Warren Haynes in the crowd as I was leaving, Seiden took me upstairs at setbreak, where I got to see two dudes from the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra warming up for a second-set cameo.

How odd, on the very day I posted some Antibalas as the Song of the Day for the first time in many months, I randomly wind up in the same room with them and watch them rehearse from five feet away.

Here's a really quick shot of the two Antibalas horns backstage. And this may not hold up very well from my shitty phone's camera, but here's a short video of RANA gettin' down. (Both are QT.)


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