Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Just awoke. Dentist soon. Hodgepodge now:

--If you need a pick-up line at the big NYE dance club extravaganza, feel free to try this: "An extra second will be added to 2005 to make up for the slowing down of the Earth's rotation."

We've been given a gift, folks, and I think the real question is how do you intend to spend this year's extra second? Wisely? I doubt it. You'll probably just waste it exhaling or peeing.

--Don't think the Chronicles of Narnia "Lazy Sunday" rap from SNL is everywhere already? We're lookin' at a More Cowbell-level event here. Not only did the New York Times mention the skit today (A week late? Another reason bloggers rock), but over at Slate, they're wondering why it was so popular, and I like what they're selling.

--How do you spell relief? R-O-B-B-E-R-Y. Say it ain't so, Reardon, say it ain't so. I'd expect this out of Mel Rojas or Jeff Montgomery, but you're better than that. C'mon.

--Gotta love the NBA...Caron Butler's favorite Christmas memory:

"Honestly, this is probably going to strike a nerve with a lot of people. But my most memorable Christmas memory was having all of my uncles and aunties out of prison for one Christmas, and that includes me. We had a lot of run-ins with the law, and to have us all out at one time was great." Love thy family!

Slack Video of the Day: The Duo with Mike played a very special version of You Enjoy Myself last night. Whoooa, that's like Zack dancing with Screech's cousin to A-12 on the jukebox, his and Kelly's song at The Max, just to get back at his ex. But I like it -- I'm Ace Cowboy and I approve of this version.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger The Bourbon Samurai said...

We'll never be safe as long as Reardon's accomplices Mitch Williams and Steve Bedrosian are still at large.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Jason Mulgrew said...

My mom's cousin is actually married to Steve Bedrosian. Seriously.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Some Dude said...

That Reardon story is both sad and hilarious at the same time. Love the fact that he was just sitting at a restaurant that wasn't too far from the robbery.

Is it me or does that picture they have of him on ESPN.com look eerily similar to what Sadam Hussein looked like when they found him??


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