Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

"Back in '73, the great Charlie Rich won the American Recording Industry award for country singer of the year. Then in '74 he had to present it to the new winner. You know who that was? Mr. Sunshine on my Goddamn Shoulders John Denver. Well, I'll be dammed if Mr. Rich didn't take out his lighter and light that award on fire right there. You see what I'm saying, Rabbit?"

I'm popping my Colorado Cherry today, leaving shortly for a Denver > Boulder > Denver run. Boat drinks, everyone.

I'll leave you with a forwarded e-mail joke from Dad's nowhere near as hilariously racist as the robot golf caddies joke, but I love getting these types of e-mails from my father of all people:

"The husband and wife go to a counselor after 15 years of marriage. The counselor asks them what the problem is and the wife goes into a tirade listing every problem they have ever had in the 15 years they've been married. She goes on and on and on.

Finally, the counselor gets up, goes around the desk, embraces the woman and kisses her passionately, rips off her clothes and makes mad passionate love to her. Needless to say, the woman shuts up and sits quietly with a very satisfied daze.

The counselor turns to the husband and says 'That is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do that?' The husband thinks for a moment and replies, 'Well, I can get her here Monday and Wednesday, but Friday I play golf.'"

Slack Song of the Day: What else but Rocky Mountain Way -- this one's by a band I've never heard of called Tishamingo. Enjoy.

Slack Show of the Day: Since I'm leaving for a few days, here's what I'll do -- I'll throw in a bonus 70 minutes of music, just because I'm super rad. Every once in a while I'll play this CD and just smile for an hour; it's capable of such therapy.

From the 2005 Jammys, Umphrey's McGee with Huey Lewis, Mavis Staples, Sinead O'Connor and Jeff Coffin, followed by Keller Williams solo, Keller with some awful chick, and then the coup d' grace, Keller and The Roots drummer ?uestlove.

She Caught the Katy, Heart & Soul, The Weight, I'll Take You There; award presentation; Best Feeling, Rainy Day Women, Superstition > Whole Lotta Love > Bass 'n Drums jam > Word Up.

Watch out, that Heart & Soul is off the charts. Right off 'em.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Momentary Academic said...

Love the jokes. Really.

Anyhow, enjoy losing your virginity in Denver.


You know what I mean.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Matty Mac said...

That John Denver was full of shit.


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