Monday, February 13, 2006

Such a Night

Y'all know the Doctor? Dr. John? Mac Rebennack? --R.R.

Like the keg guy showing up early to the "wrong" Pickford residents altogether, I definitely bricked on the Trey/Phil show last night. But at least I caught one amazing show this weekend.

The Cowgirl surprised me with tickets to see Dr. John at B.B. King's on Friday night, just two nights after I introduced her to the voodoo master's epic performance at The Last Waltz. Very cool move.

Playing a two-hour set with a seven-piece band, the good doctor seamlessly blended old songs with some covers and standards and New Orleans-driven monologues with nostalgic passion and unintelligibility. The man is a genuine master of the piano, though, and his band backs up his brilliant songwriting beautifully.

The show itself was fantastic, but the encore was magical. We waited all night for his Last Waltz masterpiece, Such a Night, and just before midnight I resigned myself to the fact that he wasn't going to play it. Hey, we still had fun with the I've Been Hoodooed classics.

But then he strutted out like Humpty Dumpty in his indigoviolet threads for the encore and sat down at his piano, and as soon as he hit the first note I let out a Cajun yell of "Yeeeeah" and began to grin uncontrollably. The Cowgirl and I danced and laughed as he proclaimed "If I don't do it, somebody else will," and I'm sure everyone around us wanted to know why some hook-nosed kid felt compelled to feign Creole and sing along in his companion's ear.

So if you're ever presented with the chance to see Mac perform in your nape of the neck, make sure to rank him high on your priorities list and get to the show. 'Twas indeed such a night.

Now listen here, baby...
Dr. John in Ultrasonic Studios - 6/11/73 (setlist)
Dr. John with The Meters - 3/5/73 (setlist)

    If you're craving more of The Doctor after listening to those gems, you can either track down an episode of Blossom and marvel at the theme song, or you should try to find a copy of the now-defunct poultry jingle: "Love that chicken from Popeeeeye's!"

    Weekend Postscript: Another eerie coincidence
    In spite of the oncoming blizzard, I agreed to trot out to Hoboken on Saturday afternoon for a Duder Day-Night Doubleheader of Jaws and The Last Waltz.

    So as the snow began its assault on the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area, Donnie, Hoobs and I landed on Kenny Alias' couches to begin our assault on the plentiful stashes of beer and doje. Eight hours later we'd be mushing back to the PATH train, shielding exposures through the white-out conditions. But the jaunt was well worth it.

    I signed onto the shark-and-music venture Thursday night, and since then some wacky shit has gone down. One day before our plans, I ended up at said Dr. John show Friday, having no prior knowledge he'd be playing in the city; the good doctor, of course, is responsible for one of the best performances from The Last Waltz, The Band's 1976 swan song. Then, a day after the double-feature debauchery, Jaws' author Peter Benchley died.

    As I say every time this happens, and it seems to happen fairly often, what are the freakin' odds of that?

    Slack Video and Song of the Day: Rod Stewart's mostly a punchline these days, but that's because hardly anyone includes or remembers his kick-ass days with The Faces.

    Paired with Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagen and Kenny Jones, this group pounded out some seriously awesome music in the early '70s. And if you've never heard Bad n' Ruin, I suggest you give Apple your 99 centavos and download that pupper post-haste.

    So here are The Faces playing Stay With Me...and as some good folks pointed out to me, check out how many moves Chris Robinson and other leading men stole from this guy.

    Seriously solid stuff.


    At 5:04 PM, Blogger ahren said...

    oh man, i'm so jealous.
    the cowgirl rules! (does she have a sister?)

    dr. john is on my very shortlist of musicians i have to see perform in a fairly intimate setting before i die (well, before they die, really).

    i need the dr. john, neil young, john mclaughlin triple bill, theatre tour to get underway SOON. (though i'm sure it'll skip vegas in order to play park city, reno, and flagstaff instead)

    At 5:15 PM, Blogger Some Dude said...

    Nice. That must have set the Cowgirl back a few bucks I feel like every show at B.B. is like at least $50 a ticket. Sounded like a great time. For further listening I'd suggest picking up Gris Gris and Dr. John's Gumbo if you don't have them already.

    At 10:15 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

    That would be a SICK triple nipple, Ahren...Althoguh I'd sub out McLaughlin for Van the Man, just to keep The Last Waltz theme together.

    Thanks for the suggestion, SD. I do not have that shiite...I'll try to pick up some new tunes.


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