Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello, Old Friend

I love getting together with old friends. There's nothing better than catching up with those associates you try to keep in close touch with but wind up seeing every four to six months.

Usually as a result, those particular friendships are thinner than a Hispanic chin beard, though the formidable, underlying bond remains stronger than Magnus ver Magnusson. Even I'm confused by that analogy-strewn sentence, so here's what I mean in plain English:

You'll always be tight no matter how long the friendship layoff, and when you sit down and talk you can reminisce about old times, check in on the significant other or spouse and kids, laugh about things only you guys would find funny. But, really, as for specifics, you have no idea what the shit he or she does for a living anymore, where they call home or even where the hell they're going in life.

That all leads to exchanges like this one, between two guys who've known each other since the 1980s and who've been decent friends for at least a decade:

Friend #1: So, man, you're going out on your own...what made you decide to be a commercial real estate lawyer?
Friend #2: 'Cuz that's what I've been doing for the past five years.
Friend #1: Right, totally.

I don't know why I'm posting that, nor really why I found it so funny, but let this serve as a reminder to e-mail or call the people with whom you'd like to reconnect. Maybe you can find out what the hell they've been up to besides avoiding your phone calls.

Slack Link of the Day: The Phish boards, they never stop giving. Here's a high-liarious Flickr photo stream for the stoner set (may not be safe for work, though there' s no nudity or anything).

Slack Video of the Day
: Courtesy of Coach, here's a sweet little video clip of an "FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport." That description isn't very strong in the grammar department, but the video is strong to quite strong in the cool-as-shit department.

Slack Song of the Day: Let us dive head first into some heavy blues this morning, courtesy of my man Buddy Guy (7/25/67). FYI, if you've never seen Festival Express, the scene with Buddy wandering off into the crowd whilst playing is worth the price of the DVD.

Slack Plug of the Day: I love baseball but I'm an idiot when it comes to statistics. Sure I know the baseball card stats -- I can quote homerun totals and batting averages -- but I never got into the Bill Jamesians of the world (as opposed to the Ellen Jamesians, I fucking love those tongueless chicks).

Enter Ethan, who updates his site Strong as a Can irregularly, but he always does it well. This is from yesterday's batch of stats:

"everyone playing the cubs must be ecstatic that dusty baker continues to pencil juan pierre and his womack-esque .284 obp into the leadoff spot. with lee out and aramis ramirez struggling, it makes just too much sense to throw matt murton and his .374 obp into the 1 hole. i'd also like to point out the cubs are paying $10 million for a cf and rf who (a) both have obp's < .300, and (b) have a combined 15 extra base hits. but hey, at least jacque jones does that 'cool' bat flip when he jacks one out."

Check out his site, it's usually new every Tuesday and Friday.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger jakezebra said...

18 dingos for Pujols or as MattyMac would say, "He's wicked freaking aweseome dude. That's how good Mirabelli would be if he got to play every day and if he hadn't had that accident when he was wicked young, dude."

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

So PooHoles is, um, pretty good huh?

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Matty Mac said...

Yeah, I talk like that. Me and Zebs converse at the bar all the time, and I try to drop "wicked" into every sentence at least once. But I agree with the Mirabelli reference. The man is a beast.

At 3:56 PM, Blogger jakezebra said...

Oh, I get it, your phrased it as a question, hesitated and qualified his 'goodness' to sarcastically underscore just how good he is. Or more likely you don't want to give him the goddamn credit he is due because he's Puerto Rican. Unbelievable. Yes allright. Yes, the guy is good and you are a, um, racist.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Right now Poo-Hole's agent is saying, "Slow down, man. You're going to get pinched . . ."

I just watched that Zappa video that was like 6 posts ago. Thanks for posting that! I love how they assemble 3 stuffy old guys and Frank, and he ends up putting them all in their place.

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Garp reference. Favorite character is John Lithgow as Roberta Muldoon, the transvestive football player in the movie version.


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