Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Melky & Manny

Melky Cabrera, welcome to New York. Officially.

Sitting up in the loge down the third-base line, we had one of the best views in the Stadium of the rookie outfielder's amazing run-saving catch off the bat of Manny Ramirez. Cabrera may be Dominican, but he scaled that wall with the agility and grace of a starving Mexican in search of an agri-job.

Melky made tens of thousands of new friends last night, fans who bathed him in thunderous applause and chanted his name like they do for a certain pinstriped shortstop. It's funny, Melky grounded meekly into a double play in the first and has been struggling at the plate of late, but all it takes is a hustle play (especially one that makes Manny look foolish) and you're everyone's favorite.

Melky, Andy Phillips, Cano, Wanger, throw them in with the regulars and you've got a team that's fun to root for again. I'm quickly falling back in love with this newish Yankees squad. Sure I miss Sheff and Matsui, but all of a sudden the Bronx Nine became faster, they got hungrier, they move from first to third without hesitation, they manufacture more runs. Basically, we're a lot more like the dynastic Yankee teams of the mid- to late '90s.

All the Bronx faithful are feeling it. I think we all know we need Randy to pitch like Randy and Chacon to come back healthy and junk it up again, but for right now the buzz is truly palpable. We're watching the Kids become Yanks and we're lovin' it like McDonalds.

Just watch this video I shot last night -- I started out trying to capture Mo's Enter Sandman (for the second time this year), but when Melky comes out for the Top of the 9th he's treated to a Yankee tongue-bath, and he gives a little "Vassssup" to the crowd. Check it out, it'll make you jealous I didn't invite you to come with us.

The Stadium was truly electric last night, an October atmosphere if there ever was one. And it's all thanks to Melkowitz.

More importantly, I finally figured out who Manny reminds me of. He looks like one of those misguided 10-19-year-old girls that heads down to the Caribbean and inexplicably gets their hair braided by some local on the beach for 26 American dollars. The difference between Manny and Natalee Holloway is smaller than you think. One day, maybe they'll suffer the same fate. That's terrible. I apologize to the Holloways.

Best fan shirt at the Stadium: A guy walked past us in the subway station with a shirt that read, "Manny likes Big Papi's Little Pee-Pee." Yeah, he got some high fives.

Admittedly funniest anti-Yanks shirt: "Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers." No high fives for him, but still pretty creative.

Slack Video of the Day: Following on the heels of the live-action Punch Out and the live-action Super Mario Brothers, these Dutch kids bring you the real-life Mortal Kombat. Finish him!

Slack Song of the Day: Since it's raining like a bastard this morning, let's allow ourselves a moment to imagine greater weather. Here's some Morning Sun from TLG's Fillmore show back in April. Rock 'n Roll. And a little bonus...Jezebel and The Devil's Pay.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Some Dude said...

Was at the game as well and also had a great view of the catch - unreal. I think it's the only time I've ever seen a player get a curtain call for a defensive play.

And as I was walking out saw someone wearing a "Got Melky" shirt.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger dhodge said...

The Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers t-shirt is brilliant. The shots that Sox fans are taking at Jeter's heterosexuality are getting subtler all the time. Pretty soon, we'll have a Jeter Once Owned a 1991 Toyota Celica Covertible t-shirt.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

"Got Melky?" is a bit too easy...I'm not a fan of those signs and shirts.

I really need to get me one of them "Manny Likes Big Papi's Little PeePee" shirts. Classic.

Oh, ahurray for the comments section being fixed...


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