Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Sports Post? Eh, Kinda.

I'd like to take just a quick second to congratulate the New York Yank'ums on their ninth straight AL East title and 12th consecutive trip to the postseason.

Sure it's a double-digit lead over the excuse-riddled Sawx and dollar- appreciating Blue Jays, and a division title has been a foregone conclusion for weeks. But let us never forget that this team struggled mightily to find character and chemistry from February to August. Now they're hitting a serious stride, there's a feeling of determined superiority and unprecedented looseness in the NYY clubhouse, and I haven't been this excited about a Yanks squad since 2001.

With that little housekeeping out of the way, allow me to introduce my friend PEACE D (aptly named for signing off every e-mail like that). PEACE D is quite a character in general -- like the time he screamed " I'm just staring at this girl's sweaty ass" in a family restaurant next to a table full of kids -- but when he's got an especially funny story, look out for comedy gold.

Yesterday afternoon I got this e-mail in my inbox:

Some of you will appreciate this a lot (Ace in particular). I was walking like a madman home from Penn Station today, and all of sudden some dick slams into me. I look up and I realize who it is: ESPN's Dan Patrick. He gives me a dirty look and says, "Watch where you're fuckin' going."

I go, "Yeah why don't you fuck yourself, Dan?" He goes, "Who the fuck are you?" I go, "I'm Keith Olbermann and you're the catcher, have a nice day." He was so pissed and stormed off. Absolutely amazing moment in my life.

The best part of the story is that, if anything, it's probably under-exaggerated. Classic stuff, and even though I'm a Patrick fan, I hope he calls into Dan's radio show today and taunts him even more. Whiff this, buddy! PEACE D 1, ESPN Bastards 0.

Slack Link of the Day: Only one-quarter of the people polled by the New York Times and CBS News approve of the job Congress is doing, a number that's making many politicians sweat this close to the midterm elections. Yay, right? New government, right? Not so fast. It's not uncommon for most Americans to feel the general assembly sucks but their own guy ain't treating them so badly. Hence, 39 percent said they would re-elect their own representative, while 48 percent said it's time for change. That's well within the margin of error. Throw in the fact that re-districting has made it very difficult to unseat incumbents, and you've got two more years of the same of shit in Washington. The more things change...

Slack Video of the Day: Apparently there was some sort of article about Alex Rodriguez yesterday, apparently a lot of people saw it, and apparently a lot of people commented on it. You'd think there was something new here, but no, it's really just the same ol' shit. In any event, I thought the best part of the article was Tom Verducci's fantastic journalistic ability to get new quotes.

So John Kruk went off on A-Rod on last night's BBTN, and while he wasn't necessarily wrong in anything he said, the whole thing just seemed so forced, so fake. That led me to call his rant "more over-the-top than a Lincoln Hawk/Bull Hurley matchup" to some friends this morning, and I was met with this awesome clip from the movie of the final arm rasslin' event. Turn that hat around, Lincoln.

Slack Song of the Day: If you never bought The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads when it came out, you should probably fall down the stairs intentionally. If you want, of course, up to you. But don't fear, daddy's got some samples for you: Who Is It?, The Book I Read, The Girls Want To Be With The Girls, and Love > Building On Fire.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Lozo said...

if you tell me that story is true, i'll believe you. i just don't buy dan patrick stopping to ask, "who are you?"

but your word is gold. if you told me derek jeter was the AL MVP, i'd believe you.

well, maybe not that.

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Velvet Sea Loves the NL East Champion METS said...

and congrats to the NY METS for unseating the Braves for the first time in 12 years as NL EAST CHAMPIONS. next stop, a few quick series against the NL WEAK and then the championship victory over the Tigers. ohh yes i just went there.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Alex Fritz said...

Congrats on the Yanks, Ace.

It's just too bad that after the AL playoffs you'll have the Demolition-esque wrecking crew from St Lou of Preston Wilson, Scott Spiezio, Jeff Weaver, and Jose Vizcaino waiting to devour whomever comes out of this American League and into the World Series.

Oh, god... someone put peyote in my Red Pop again.... Wait... Oh, Fuck.

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

I'm betting every single word of that is true, Lozo...and his word is stronger than oak. Kush-lash.

Yes, congrats to the Mets as well. I'm not a Mets hater by any means, and I'd love to see a Subway Series. We've never had one...oh wait, that's right, we did, and it wasn't fun for Mets fans, who lashed out at Yanks fans, and relationships were severed all over the region.

If not the Mets, I'll be waiting for your boys, Al.

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the kruk thing last night, that guy is the definition of a douch rocket. that fatty could barely waddle to first base, yet hit at a .300 clip as a rod does. eat it kruk!!!
i feel the same about d. patrick and most of them espn tools.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger rob ronanea said...

top notch reporting there, slack ;-)


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