Thursday, September 28, 2006

No, Where Have You Been Today?

I'm cooler than you. As such, I just returned from a private screening of the forthcoming Robin Williams vehicle Man of the Year.

Okay, so I'm not cooler than you. Not even close. But I did just spend two-plus hours out of the office viewing a free sneak preview of a solid flick. What did you do today? Make some unrequited cold calls? Collate some documents? Secretly jack the bird or flick the bean in the semi-private bathroom near the retarded girl's desk? I usually do that too, because it's kinda hot. But today, not so much. No, today was Ace's Impromptu Special Movie Day.

Here's a basic review, because I gots no time to play on the blogaroo right now (and if you don't know the plot already, just fuck yourself and look it up independently): Robin Williams does a great job, and he's pretty damn funny in this. The movie's full of typical RW humor, so if you don't like him, you probably won't enjoy it.

Lewis Black and Christopher Walken also star in this half-comedy, half-mystery, half-love story (three halves?), and they really make the film. The two of them are awesome, especially Walken, who is a fucking genius. Sadly, though, there's a dance scene in one of the early scenes in which a wheelchaired Walken does not participate.

Acclaimed Jew Barry Levinson directed this thing, and it rings very similar to his work on Wag the Dog. But this movie was missing one major component by comparison: the overwhleming crispness of David Mamet's screenwriting. And, really, the Laura Linney love affair/weirdly premised post-election mystery angle is a little too over the top -- they needed to downplay that a bit.

It was a tale of two movies: the freshly funny run-up to the election in which RW's Tom Dobbs skewers politicians and comedically searches for truth in politics, then the Evil Jeff Goldblum Hour when The Firm meets Love Story and everybody wished the projector would break and the theatre would combust with us inside.

Overall, though, it was an enjoyable experience, and I think it's definitely a movie youse all should see. There are some classic lines, and really, at this point I'd go see anything made with Chirstopher Walken's name attached. The man opens his mouth and my life gets better. No watches came from his ass in this one, but I'd still recommend the movie anyway.

Slack Video of the Day: Everyone should pee just a little bit in their pants today, in honor of Miles Davis, who died on this date 15 years ago. So, to properly honor the man that puts 99.99 percent of all musicians to shame, here's a pretty cool video of Miles & Co. playing a badass version of So What back in the late 1950s. If your bag is more electric Miles, then try this video from Vienna in 1973. They apparently always loved that motherfucker in Europe.

If you don't like black people, here's a video alternative...check out this wonder goal from Liverpool striker and giant beanpole Peter Crouch. Off a perfect cross from Soda Bread Stevie Finnan, the 7'5 Crouch plays a perfect scissor kick into the back of the net to make it 3-0 Reds over Galatasaray in yesterday's Champions League match.

Slack Song of the Day: Obviously, we'll go with a little Miles today -- from July 6, 1970 in Central Park, here's the Miles Septet in the Bitches Brew days backed by Keith Jarrett & Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Grossman and Airto Moreira.


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