Friday, October 20, 2006

Off To Chicago

You're on your own today, kiddos...if yous're looking for some action, you can either check out the trailer for the new Guest/Levy vehicle, For Your Consideration, or you can read my fanboy review of the Beck show from Wednesday night. The choice is yours, Slackers.

A handful of quick notes on the NLCS Game 7, just because:

1. Willie Randolph made two horrendous pitching non-decisions in this game. Lost in the shuffle of Endy Chavez's incredible catch was the fact that Oliver Perez should not have been left in to pitch to Scott Rolen. The Mets entered the game needing five solid innings from Perez, and he gave them five and a third better-than-expected frames. At that point Willie should have brought in The Ageless Hispanic, Roberto Hernandez, and he got lucky when Chavez bailed him out. And, of course, there's the obvious point: You win or lose the game with Wagner on the mound in the ninth. Heilman deserved to get smacked around just for Willie's stupid gamble.

2. First and second, no out in the ninth...isn't this the spot where you actually play National League beisbol, pull back Cliff Floyd (or Chris, as McCarver says) from the on-deck circle and insert a guy into order who can bunt the runners into scoring position? I'm not saying that's the correct move, but with Uncle Cliffy all hobbled and slap hitter Jose Reyes on deck, that sure seemed like the right decision to me.

3. Donnie Fiedler's back, and he and his newlywed bride joined me for the game. We decided that the Flying Molina Brothers and their proud patriarch would be utterly insane if they didn't open a Molina Sperm Bank for all the potential parents that want an heir in the mold of an excellent defensive catcher with a classic backstop build. Guaranteed millions, an investment for the ages. Now all they need is just a little bit of seed money. I'm fucking great at puns.

Anyway, onto the World Series. Have a stellar weekend. Dit-ka.


At 3:37 AM, Blogger Lozo said...

nice seed joke. i wonder how you CAME up with that one. ha! ha!

i need to go to sleep now.

At 9:16 AM, Blogger PaulNoonan said...

You hitting the TLG show at the Vic on Saturday by any Chance, Ace?

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Matty Mac said...

Speaking of Chris Floyd and bunting........why don't you throw Glavine into that spot to bunt for Floyd? He's probably the best bunting pitcher of all time, and at worst you get second and third with one out and Reyes up. A hit ties the game at that point. I was also trying to keep track of how many times McCarver called Endy "Eric Chavez". I think I lost count at 5. Good game though. Did you see the interview with Rolen after the game? When asked if he and LaRussa made amends, he just walked away. Classic stuff.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger ahren said...

the wagner/heilmann decision was set up by a stupid move he made in the previous game. with a 4 run lead going into the ninth, he used wagner, and he shouldn't have. anyone else would've been a better choice.

with a game the next day, knowing you have a shaky starter on the mound, you want all the relief you can get saved up. if wagner doesn't pitch wednesday, he can definitely go 2, maybe even 3 in a pinch on thursday. as it was, he could only go 1 on thursday, which made leaving heilman in a non-decision really (since you don't want to get stuck having to go to... uh... whomever... in the 10th).

this highlights another mistake. knowing that wagner can likely only throw an inning, and with heilman being more of a multi-inning guy, he should've gone to wagner first, and let heilman pitch the 8th and 9th and 10th if necessarry.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger misterlister said...

Ahren, I think you missed the boat on the Wagner thing. All year Willie's been trying to build up Wagner's confidence. Billy's had a few terrible outings, and he made several saves much closer than they needed to be. Everything's been sort of a warm-up, getting him ready for the playoffs, particularly the playoffs in NY. Knowing that Wagner's confidence was pretty shot from when he got lit up in game 3, Willie had no desire to bring Wagner in for game 7 without having pitched some sort of recovery outing. Game 6 was supposed to be that (but he damn near went and fucked it up). Wagner should NEVER be brought in for a non-close situation. It's not how he operates, and his ERA probably wasn't as low as half of the guys in our bullpen. If anything the mistake Willie made was to bring Wagner in during a tie game in game 3.
How does Tim McCarver still manage to get work?

At 3:15 PM, Blogger ahren said...

i don't buy the "confidence" thing at all. wagner has been a top-notch closer for basically his entire career. i'm sure he's got the confidence and ability to bounce back from a rough outing or 9 by now.

the fact is, either wagner is your best pitcher or he isn't. in everyone's estimation (and for good reason), he's the mets' best reliever. bringing him into a tie game is exactly the situation you want him-- pitching high leverage innings. bringing him in up 4 with 3 outs to go is about as low leverage as you can get. i'm a favorite to close out that game with a win, and i'm not good.

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

In game 3....Tie game, 9th inning, my best reliever (Wagner) is in the game. I'm not losing without having even fired my deadliest bullet. What reasoning could there be to not bring your best reliever in there? (anything that uses the term "save situation" isn't an actual reason, it's a silly excuse. Labels aren't points in favour, facts are)

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous rumandpopcorn said...

My two cents (American) is that with the game 1-1, Randolph was thinking that this is the kind of game that could go 14 or 15 innings, and Heilman had piched well in the eighth, so there was no urgency to take him out and save Wagner for what could be a long game, common in the NL. This was not an error--especially since Wagner probably would have blown up himself and everyone would be killing Willie for taking out Heilman.

He did get away with one keeping Perez out there, though. I could go either way on the bunt/Cliff-Floyd at-bat. I'm not a huge fan of always bunting...

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Oh, I don't have a major problem with leaving Heilman in there in context, my problem (like Ahren)is using Wagner the previous day and essentially creating the entire situation and context in the first place.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger misterlister said...

I'll go on record as saying that Wagner definitely isn't the best reliever the Mets have, particularly in nail-biting moments. It surely doesn't matter much now as Mets fans have nothing to do but wait till next year, but I don't trust him in big situations. He's our closer, and he should be brought in to close, but when the Mets need 3 timely outs with no walks or runs, I'd rather have Chad Bradford, Aaron Heilman, or Duaner Sanchez in there. Whether Wagner makes $10 million a year or not, I still don't trust him. Watch tape of that game he gave to the Yankees in the first Subway Series of the year, or of the time during the regular season that D. Wright had to bail Wagner out with a spectacular defensive play, or of how he pitched during the Cardinals series. He's NOT the guy for tense situations, as much as we'd all like him to be.


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