Thursday, October 19, 2006

Send Lawyers, Guns & Money

This is a couple of days old, but if you haven't seen this ad, I guess you can say it's new to you. I've never been one to figuratively fellate the South Park dudes, but you know you've reached the top when you can put this full-page ad in Variety thanking your lawyer. Anybody order a Loveburger? Well done.

As if the South Park movie and Team America: World Police weren't hilarious enough, these yokesters go and do something like this...and toooootally redeem themselves. From what, I really don't know, but that line just popped into my head.

Fuck, I just quoted Can't Hardly Wait and Dumb and Dumber in the span of two horrific sentences. Good lord, my well is running dry.

Slack Link of the Day: Ever think to yourself, "If only there were a way for Major League Baseball to make more cash?" Well, your prayers have been answered, and MLB will now be urning money decomposed hand over rotting fist. Good times.

Slack Video of the Day: Before the copyright infringement police roll in with the tanks, let's watch one of Family Guy's greatest post-hiatus bits: Osama Outtakes.

Slack Video of the Day II: Even better than that one, check out this absolutely hysterical clip of monkeys doin' it in the wild, with some classic voice over-dubbing. Make sure to put on some headphones or turn the voume down, but you gotta hear this hilarity...

Slack Song of the Day: I saw Beck for the first time ever last night, and holy hell was that an incredible show. Unbelievable at times. I'll have a full review up over on Hidden Track some time this afternoon, but for now, enjoy some of my favorite songs that the band played last night: He opened with Loser > Black Tambourine, closed with Where It's At and encored with a rockin' E-Pro. In the middle there were live puppets, simulated bear sex, a dinner table breakdown and blown away fans everywhere. Craisins.


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

Monkey Balls is indeed a great video.. but that comic who made it is better than funny, he's goddamn brilliant. go to the website at the end of the video; check out his "deadwood pancakes" video. If you're in the Baltimore/DC area, go see him do standup sometime.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Velvet Sea loves Princess said...

the greatest thing the south park guys ever did was "princess" which is a cartoon about the cutest little puppy ever...check it:

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Wow, suggestions coming from all over today...I'll check out, in the world of Ahnold Schwarzenegger, "all of these things."

It's faaantaaaastic to be heee-ah.


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