Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Haaard Wooork

Sorry, folks, the guy who actually pays me money to do work for him needs me to do just that today. No, I'm not talking about evangelical hypocrite Rev. Ted Haggard, I'm referring to my boss. Sinner.

Until free time emerges, if it emerges at all, youse're on your own. But, hey, there's this awesome new music blog out there...shit, sorry.

Oh, here's a piece of interesting, late-breaking political news:
Most sports fans know that Lynn Swann is running for governor of Pennsylvania. But did anyone else know that former NFL QB and notorious draft bust Heath Shuler is up nine points over eight-term incumbent Charles Tayler in North Carolina's 11 District? It's possible the Democrats will take back the House, and Heath Fucking Shuler could be the man that leads them to victory. Classic.

If Shuler wins, I'm predicting right now that Gus Frerotte will somehow win a Gray Davis-style recall of Shuler and proceed to moronically and ironically headbutt the Vietnam Memorial after a successful vote. Swanny, meanwhile, needs The Immaculate Election right about now. He trails by about 20 points in the latest poll, and soon he'll surely return to the sidelines with the rest of the chicks...and Jack Arute.

It's sports! It's politics! It's political and sports humor together! Sometimes I'm just really awesome and incredibly lame.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Lozo said...

are you quitting on me? don't you quit on me! don't you do that to me! we all need you. hell i need you. i miss your laugh. i miss your scent. when this is all over me and you should get an apartment together.


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