Monday, November 06, 2006

Running's a Natural High

I received a hilarious communiqué via text message just before 1 pm yesterday. My friends camped out about two-thirds of the way through the New York City Marathon to cheer on another buddy of ours, and I opened my phone to find the following sentiment as I finished devouring a strong-to-quite-strong bacon, cheddar and feta omelette:

"[Name redacted]'s looking good at Mile 18...Handed a big bag of pot to [name redacted] as he ran by. Dead serious."

Now that's my kind of marathon. If you knew the runner, and some of you do, this wouldn't be all that surprising. He's not a smoker by any means, never seen him stoned, but he's definitely among the most ridiculous human beings on this planet and could easily be the main character of an acclaimed Truman Show type of television program.

So if someone tells me that this kid threw a big bag of pot at his friends that he found in the cab on the way to the starting line and that he ran with it in his hands or pants for 18 miles solely with the intention of giving it to his stoner friends, then I'd believe the hell out of it without blinking. Turns out, that's exactly what happened.

And when all 37,000 runners return home and tell their stories, I bet that's the winner. Screw the handicapped "true winners" and the Lance entourage, that story beats 'em like they're women and children.

Other notes from the weekend: While fools were running all over the city's boroughs this weekend, I was loving the televised sports I watched this weekend. The Mighty Jets had a bye week, but the Northwestern Mildcats upset Iowa 21-7 on the road, Liverpool showed it's still in top form at home with a 2-0 win over Reading, and my fantasy football squad posted what's shaping up to be a record-breaking week, with Josh Brown still to kick tonight.

In fact, four guys on my team -- LT, Javon, Kevin Jones and (I accidentally shot) Marvin Harrison (in the face) -- would have handily beat any other full team in the league except one. Those guys put up a total of 132 points by themselves, leading Double Wing (Double Wing) to its fourth straight win, and at this point I'll be disappointed with anything short of the championship match. Nerds!

Slack Link of the Day: Want to be a police officer in India? Well, here's an interesting way to make a solid impression on the decision-makers: "Hundreds of people applying to join the police have gone on the rampage in the northern Indian city of Ghaziabad. Riots began because many felt a written test was too difficult, officials say." Nothing like a good rape and pillage to show you're a serious candiate.

Slack Contest of the Day: Wanna win a copy of the new three-disc Johnny Cash At San Quentin set that's being released in a couple weeks? Follow that link, and follow your nose.

Slack Video and Song of the Day: Geico's commercial report card is pretty up and down. The Gekko commercials are totally hit or miss, skewing towards regular misses.

But the Geico Caveman mershes are among the best stuff on the telly savalas, and each subsequent episode seems to increase in overall awesomeness. The last two have been especially fantastic, both the CNN-style interview and the airport people-mover. The people-mover one is so great it even inspired this crude stick-figure mock-up.

Well, it took us a few weeks to motivate, but Roommate Dorsey decided to track down and download the song playing in the background of the airport mersh: The song's called Remind Me by the Norwegian electronika duo Royksopp. So in what I'd call "a great service," you can download the song here and work out to it all day and night while building up those muscles.

And if you want to hear Royksopp's original version of Remind Me (I'm guessingit's the original) and see the video, follow this link.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

thanks for the download, I remember wanting to get that song and but then being too lazy to do so.

Have you seen the movie trailer version of the cavemen? it's on youtube somewhere...very funny stuff.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger spinachdip said...

Ditto on the thanks, you are the rockness, Slack.

I'd been looking all over for the song.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

No's a really awesome tune, cutting across many genres. I'd go so far as to say it's the best song of all time.

Dip, how bout that Dirk Kuyt?

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Lozo said...

love the harrison nickname. if you ever get to a place in life where you can make that mainstream, you can have my willis "tits" mcgahee that no one uses. just give me some credit.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger spinachdip said...

Dirk Kuyt is also the rockness.

I think I annoyed everyone around me because I kept shouting "Deek Kowt" (that's how it's pronounced, right?) every time he touched the ball.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger spinachdip said...

Also, I meant to add that my respect for Peter Crouch grows with every match. His work rate is great for a striker and someone with his physique, he always puts his partner in dangerous position and doesn't make stupid mistakes.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Wait, "Peter Crouch grows with every match?" Dude, how tall you want this guy to get? Can you help Don and I perpetuate the nickname "The Gangly Handful" for him? Apparently Derek Rae or someone called him that on the CL Highlights show on ESPN, and that's definitely stickin' around. It's either that or The Human Halogen Lamp.

Crouch has been as good as ever, between the recent national prowess and the goals he was scoring when Gerrard and Bellamy and Kuyt and everyone else couldn't find the net. He got a piece of both of Kuyt's goals on Saturday -- the header across the box and then the shot on net that caused the rebound Kuyt put home. The two of them have played well together, really well, and Bellamy's gonna have to work his ass off to even it up...

And I guess it is pronounced Kowt, but I'm not sure why. Wouldn't it be "Kuyt" the way it's spelled, the way Martin Jol or GoldMember would likely pronounce it? I guess maybe they pronounce it Kowt, and everyone I know is mistaken. But I heard on the Anfield PA system them refer to him as "Kowt," so it's official.

Big match this Sunday, on FSC...


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