Thursday, December 21, 2006

End of Year, End of Days, Some Pics

It's the end of another year, another revolution. So far I've abstained from posting the usual Best Ham & Swiss Sandwiches of 2006 type of lists that most bloggers employ this time of the year, but that all changes today. Down here, our time.

After checking out MSNBC's Year in Pictures, I felt a pang of motivation to scramble through my own photo archive and pick out the 10 best shots I took this year. This exercise taught me that I've got an unsteady hand and I'm not a great photographer by any means, but I still think there's a bumper crop for youse. A gander, take it:

You never know what you're gonna find in Washington Square Park. Sometimes it's the acrobatic and comedic black twins doing flips and jumps and jokes simultaneously, sometimes it's the French juggling unicyclist in the unitard, and sometimes it's the old hippies that all meet up to sing Teach Your Children Well and pine for the days where longhairs ruled the world. And sometimes, or maybe just one time, it's former Spin Doctors frontman Chris Barron belting out Little Miss Can't Be Wrong with Buzz Universe (click that link for a video):

I wasn’t meant to take this photo, but I did anyway. Either the Oakland A’s White Elephant is a newly deputized Border Patrol agent or he’s just posing with this nice lady while her sister snaps el souveniro. Interestingly, I took this shot a few innings after Barry Bonds crushed #714 into the McAfee Coliseum stands, tying Babe Ruth’s mark. The crowd cheered the villainous Bonds’ feat, but I surmised we were cheering for another reason altogether:

Let's finish up with the best, and nothing tops the most inconceivable happenstance of a photo I've ever taken in my life. I figured my first trip to San Francisco would be a smashing success after bumping into the former keyboardist for the popular rock band Phish and a former geographically excitable presidential candidate: Page McConnell and Howard Dean, Chairman of the Boards and Chairman of the DNC, standing there like tourists waiting to be photographed together like old chums. Dean likes Page's new shirt:

Since posting 10 photos and the corresponding explanations would take up too much space, I'm gonna take this time to direct you to a wonderful little site that contains all 10. Now, please, this is not my thinly veiled way of driving traffic from one site to another, this is strictly a logistics issue. I don't need your unique visits, bastards.

Still, check out the full post with the other eight shots, which I promise contain more bacon and racism than anything else.

Slack Video of the Day: One of my message board peeps spotted this one yesterday, and it's too cool not to share...Apparently Biff from Back To The Future does a bit of stand-up comedy, and one of his tunes is about his experiences getting recognized. Is it the funniest bit ever? No, but it's definitely a treat to see Biff out of character singing original shit: Biff Sings.

Slack Song of the Day: It's organ time, so let's give it up for Mistah Robert Walter and his 20th Congress -- Jug Eyes, Maple Plank, and the rest of the 10/15/04 show in Detroit.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Alex Fritz said...

Odd that you link to a Back to the Future related atricle, as I spent all day at work yesterday studying the Back to the Future timelines:

Also, that picture of Page and Dean is clearly a photoshop you did for masturbatory reasons.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger rob ronanea said...

ew. you stole this from hidden track!!! THIEF!!!!!


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