Monday, March 05, 2007

My Nephew Is 1? Shit, Quick Year.

Like the main character in Memento, Li'l Red Cowboy has no ability whatsoever to permanently recollect anything. But that didn't stop my brother and sister-in-law from throwing that little fucker a big party yesterday and a nice dinner tonight (he can't eat real food either, so tonight's event is doubly unbelievable). I bet that tiny dude doesn't even say "thank you" for any of this shit.

The two-hour party brought at least 25 kids below the age of four into my Sunday. And if you know me well, you know how much I genuinely love to get my ass off the couch, not hit a bowl first thing in the morning, head out to Lawn Gisland and play with screaming kids for a few hours on a nice Sunday afternoon. Right up my alley.

The party's entertainment came in the form of a goateed guitarist in his 30s, and he did an excellent job of keeping the children amused. Songs segued into one another, broken up only by a celebratory arm pump to the ceiling (you'll see it below, though the sound is about two seconds delayed from the picture for some reason), and until he accidentally knocked a conga drum into my nephew's face, I think he had the entire crowd won over. Li'l Red wanted to hear some kid's songs, instead he walked away with a shiner.

I commend this music man for his abilities to entertain small children through song, but I can't help but laugh at the thought that this guy has to act like a toddler in front of adults...constantly. I wonder what his real weekday job is -- this can't be it -- and whether his employers know that on weekends he's on his knees acting silly and singing the ABCs > Wheels on the Bus, pumping a fist in the air to denote the end of each and every song. I tried to picture him in a suit trying to get the best print trading soy futures when he broke into his Elmo voice.

But who am I to judge? I bet he's much happier doing this on the weekends than I am doing whatever the fuck it is I'm doing.

And this weekend I did nothing. Well, at night at least. During the days I was out and about, but Friday night I stayed home and watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and then Doc Hoobs came over on Saturday night for Idiocracy. I thought both movies were pretty damn good, though the former had a couple of devices that it could have done without. The latter, I thought it was about as funny a flick as I've seen in some time. Both now come highly recommended from me to youse...

Slack Song Video of the Day: My man J-Cantor sent me this video earlier today, a great clip of The Roots covering some U2 at the NAACP Awards this past weekend. As MakeitHappen77 wrote out for us, here's what the setlist looked like, with Bono looking on in the crowd: Sunday Bloody Sunday Intro > Pride (In the Name of Love) > War (What Is It Good For?) > Pride (In the Name of Love). Well done, members of The Roots, well done.

(I don't even wanna get started on the fact that I woke up at 7:15 am on Saturday for the Liverpool/Manchester United match that ended oh so poorly. Eff you, John O'Shea. Just know that if my Reds give up the 2-1 lead against Barcelona in the Champions League tomorrow at Anfield, you're all goin' down in a big way...)


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Chilly Jackwater said...

Ace...would you believe it if I told you I spent my Sunday doing the exact same thing? Except the fucking rager I attended was in Sleepy Muthafuckin' Hollow and the person who played guitar was named "Gabrielle." She sat the same way as your man there, too. Setlist looked like this:

Hello (insert name) I'm So Glad To See You, Shoo Fly*>Itsy Bitsy Spider**, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star***, Happy Birthday

* - with bandanas
** - with "coffee drinking spider raced up the water spout" lyrics
*** - with "20 one year olds and their mothers not listening while dad's watched on, horrified to be there" jam

All in all, a killer show. The lights were amazing. Kudos to the sun, who really is like a second member of Gabrielle's band at this point.

To top it off, one of Luscious Jackson had her kid there, too. If you don't think we're all getting old, then read that last sentence again.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous stealy_fan said...

nice...just got idiocracy via netflix the other day...can't go wrong with mr. judge.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Alex Fritz said...

I went to a pub to watch the delayed ManU match on Sat eve and right before I was leaving my apartment, wouldn't you know it, checked out deadspin forgoting that MJD recapped EPL games on Saturdays; I was the silent spoiler keeping my mouth shut, stewing, all effing match. Thank god for pints.

Luckily, in the game I got up that day to watch, my lovely Magpies showed their scoring abilites...errrr craptitude.... against the mediocrity that is Middlesborough.

Gah! Stupid weekend.

That dude should have played "Stranglehold."

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Nice, Chilly, that's pretty crazy. For a second I thought about writing down the setlist and doing a deadpan review of the show for HT, but then I realized I'd probably end up bashing the guy beyond belief. So I decided to just make fun of him here instead.

Al, that match between Boro and Newcastle may just have been the worst Prem game of the season. Take a bow, son.

And, yes, you cannot go wrong with Mike Judge. This movie seemed to be a Mike Judge/Wilson Brothers affair, which made it even better.


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