Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That Many? Shit, I Need a Life.

I just realized this, but yesterday's fairly ridiculous "Paging Richard Mulligan" shenanigans constituted the 1,500th overall post on this here blog. Fifteen-hundred nonsensical pieces of douchebaggery that have wasted everyone's valuable time, most especially my own.

And how do I celebrate 1,500 posts? Apparently with an insensitive treatise on how an updated sitcom of Empty Nest called Empty Womb that centers around an abortion doctor could save the modern situation comedy. If that isn't class, I don't know what class is.

The employment gig was a big pain in the arse today, so I've got nothing to feed you but recycled canned peaches. I posted this over on HT today, but it's good enough for Slack as well: Here's a classic music management clip that has somehow escaped my peepers for many months, a hilarious (and sad) video of two members of The Turtles in 1990 explaining the shitty managerial experiences that come along with being the group that sang “Happy Together.” Check it out...

For more music-related YouTube videos, head over to Pullin' 'Tubes.


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